BMW recalls 430,000 diesel cars after 27 of them catch fire


Following a spate of car fires in South Korea, BMW has issued an apology and recalled diesel cars in the country due to defects in the exhaust gas recirculation system. According to a media report the German company has also issued a recall for 324,000 diesel cars in Europe for the same reason.

South Korean authorities estimate that 27 BMW cars caught fire between January and July 2018. This prompted the German carmaker to issue a public apology and a recall for 106,000 diesel cars beginning August 20, 2018. Meanwhile, apartment complexes and parking lots have issued bans against BMW cars due to the fire hazard. It was also revealed that BMW had known about this issue back in 2016, but the root cause of the problem was only identified last month.

Out of the 324,000 cars that are recalled in the EU, 96,300 are from Germany. As of now, BMW has not announced a recall for the same issue in India.

Source: Reuters

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