Bosch announces future safety tech for 2-wheelers

At the recent 'Spirit of the Ride' press conference held in New Delhi, Bosch announced three safety technologies for 2-wheelers of the future.

Bosch plans to update its ABS and Motorcycle Stability Control (MSC), which uses a 6-axis Intertial Measurement Unit to improve braking stability while braking in a straight line or while cornering. 

Rider assistance systems like adaptive cruise control, forward collision systems and blind spot detection will be integrated into motorcycles of the future. According to the company, the current radar-based system is capable of sensing vehicles up to 160 meters away. It can alert the rider of an oncoming vehicle or can autonomously apply the brakes. This system is expected to be offered on Ducati and KTM bikes by 2020.

Bosch is developing connectivity systems that would alert vehicles on the network about the speed and position of other vehicles. The company claims that the system would be useful in low visibility situations, around blind corners and crossroads. An emergency call function would automatically notify emergency services with GPS coordinates of the bike in case of an accident.

In addition to these safety systems, Bosch is also working on improving its Engine Management System (EMS) to reduce emissions. The company's BS-VI compliant EMS is claimed to reduce CO2 emissions by 16% over carburetor systems.

Source: MSN

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