Bought a used S-Presso AMT from Maruti True Value: Ownership review

On highways, I achieved a fuel efficiency of 22 km/l at speeds of 100-120 km/h and an impressive 25-26 km/l when maintaining 80 km/h, which is pretty good.

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My Journey to Finding the Perfect City Runabout

As many already know, I've been on the hunt for another city runabout, specifically an automatic car. After numerous discussions and considering options like the Kwid, WagonR, Celerio, I ended up with the S-Presso.

I explored multiple options, took numerous test drives, engaged in various discussions, and scoured platforms like Facebook Marketplace, spinny, cars24 and OLX. After a thorough search, I stumbled upon a gem at True Value. Although I had only driven the car once for about 5 km, I was instantly smitten. The car's performance was fantastic, and among all the AMT cars I've tried, its transmission stood out for its smoothness.

When I acquired the car, it had already covered 40,000 km, so here I am, the proud owner of an S-Presso. A big shoutout and thank you to everyone who helped and recommended vehicles along the way!

Buying Experience:

I always encounter some challenges in my car buying experience, whether it's a new or used car.

I was drawn to the S-Presso pre-owned car at Maruti True Value. The impressive test drive, with its smooth transmission and engine performance, convinced us to pay the advance.

However, the delivery faced continuous delays, and amidst my distractions with work and personal commitments, I didn't actively monitor the car delivery date. Instead, I was waiting for Maruti True Value to inform me. Eventually, frustration set in as I discovered that the car was still under the previous owner's loan. The previous owner had purchased a new car from Maruti, exchanging the old one. Maruti True Value needed to settle the remaining balance & get NOC before delivering it to me. The previous owner was located 150 km away from Chennai, which added to the complexity of the process.

They consistently changed the delivery date without providing a proper timeline. Here's how it unfolded:

Every Sunday morning, I would call the salesperson to inquire about the car delivery date. Initially, I would be told it was coming on Tuesday, then on Tuesday, it would be postponed to Friday. On Friday, the explanation would be that Saturday and Sunday were off, with just one document pending, which could be addressed on Monday, promising delivery on Monday afternoon. However, come Monday, the date would shift to Wednesday, and the cycle continued for three weeks.

After enduring three weeks of patience, I reached my limit. I visited the dealership with the intention of canceling the car and seeking a refund. Without any argument, I requested a refund, expressing my disinterest in continuing business with them. Surprisingly, during the cancellation process, the manager spoke to a few people and discovered that the required document had been released. As a result, the car could be delivered promptly. Despite the challenging dealership experience, I decided to accept the car.

While the buying experience was challenging and frustrating, the car ultimately proved to be perfect. Despite the unexpected twists and waiting, I finally got the car I wanted that day.

It's one of the most uneventful deliveries I've ever experienced—no frills. But hey, that doesn't matter. I'm determined to add excitement to the future with this car.

Delivery day: The ribbon is being attached by my mom herself, not by any of the employees.

With siblings

Likes and dislikes of the car


Front Appearance

The car's front and side appearance grew on me; I love its overall look. Initially, it seemed different when I saw online pictures before the purchase, but over time, I developed a strong liking for it, especially the front design.


The air conditioning is excellent. Even though I haven't used it beyond the first point (perhaps due to winter), the AC is powerful and quickly blocks my nose.


I love the compact size of the car. I'm basically driving it like an auto, slipping through gaps like a breeze.


So far, the best!! On the highway, I achieve 22 km/l at speeds of 100-120 km/h and an impressive 25-26 km/l when maintaining 80 km/h, which is pretty good. On ghat roads, the efficiency touches even 35 km/l on display not sure how true it is.

With one full tank, I can cover more than 600 km, even though the fuel tank capacity is only 27. No need to worry about frequent refills.


Rear Appearance

Rear View

The backside is a bit meh, kinda on the shorter side, could've been more impressive, but I guess it is what it is.

The Darn Steering Wheel

The steering wheel in my S-Presso has become a significant source of frustration. It's excessively hard, sluggish, fails to rotate back to the center point smoothly, and driving feels akin to manoeuvring a truck from the '90s. Even within city limits, making small turns requires an unusual amount of effort. After a recent 10-hour highway trip, coupled with navigating ghat roads, I experienced pain in my shoulders and hands. It's evident that the steering needs attention and improvement from Maruti's end.


Before buying, after reading several reviews, I noticed that many mentioned the headlights being powerful. However, in all honesty, they don't quite live up to that claim. I drove in pitch darkness, and the high beam was somewhat disappointing. The low beam is decent, but during highway drives, it's a bit challenging. I'm considering replacing the headlights and currently in a dilemma. Let's see if I can find more powerful lights.

Interior storage, practicality & boot space

Never felt cramped, yet never sensed an abundance of space; it's just right for a smooth ride, perhaps for two people—my primary use. I've also embarked on a long two 1000 km round trip within a single month, and I must say the car performs admirably on the highway. There's a slight body roll at times, but with proper handling, it evens out after a few hours of driving.

Driver Seat View

In the initial period without an armrest, I felt a bit tucked in and uncomfortably seated. The absence of a comfortable handrest was noticeable, but after adding one, I now have a comfortable seating position suitable for both long journeys and city traffic drives.

Front Leg room

Rear Seat - Speaking of the back seat, I haven't had the chance to sit there myself during travels. However, friends who've occupied the rear seats mentioned it was comfortable, and a few even managed to catch some good sleep back there. Nevertheless, I primarily use this car as a two-person vehicle, essentially treating it like a two-door car. Most of the time, there's no need for anyone to hop into the back.

Overall View from Rear seat

Rear seat leg room

Glove Box:

The glove box is really small. I can't even fit many things inside, not even a document pouch. There's no good spot on the dashboard to put my phone or even sunglasses. So, what I do is, I keep the glove box open with a yellow cloth inside. That way, I can easily put my phone there. Since the car is not very wide, I can reach the glove box easily and grab my phone while driving without any problems. I just wish there were better places to put stuff in the car.

I used to store my sunglasses on the sun visor.

Boot Space

Narrow Entry to access boot

The 240-liter boot space isn't sufficient for a family on a long trip. Even for a journey with just two people, it fills up fast. I always carry a portable BBQ suitcase and a chimney starter, which already takes up a lot of space. When I add a regular suitcase and other items, the space runs out quickly. I often end up using the rear seat to accommodate some luggage. But, well, you can't expect much more from a compact car and I initially bought it primarily for city driving, but I find myself using it more on the highway than in the city for now.

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