Brake failure issues in Hyundai Creta

Thanks to BHPians naveen.raju, RavenAvi, navy68 and Paul63 for sharing their experiences regarding the failure of the Hyundai Creta's brakes.

In November 2019, the traction control and ABS warning lights lit up for 30 seconds in BHPian naveen.raju's Creta. The owner's manual of the car states that while normal braking function will still be operational in such as case, it is better to take the car to a workshop.

A week later, on the way to the workshop, the car witnessed brake failure at very low speeds. The car was unable to stop and hit a Maruti A-Star ahead of it. The brake pedal was as hard as a rock and there was a loud grinding noise. The failure was attributed to two faulty ABS sensors, which were replaced. Even in the event of a failure of the ABS system, the conventional braking system should still work and bring the car to a standstill.

BHPian RavenAvi notes that the initial lot of Creta owners has been aware of this issue from as early as 2016-2017. BHPian navy68 has reported a similar incident of brake failure happening in his car in December 2018, while Paul63 has reported a brake failure in his Creta inside his apartment parking in the same month. The case was escalated to Hyundai management, which did extensive test drives, installed testing equipment, but couldn't reproduce the same.

RavenAvi also reveals that the same problem is being discussed in a closed group on Facebook. Group member Jismon Joy's Creta had the same problem, which resulted in his car crashing into the one ahead of it on February 15, 2020. The company has replaced both the hubs of the rear wheels free of cost. Jimson's car was out of warranty.

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