Brought home an Athletic blue Honda CB350 RS: 6 pros & 5 cons

The bike is very well balanced. It is easy to take tight turns on, without intimidating the rider.

BHPian josephilip recently shared this with other enthusiasts.

After a tonne of research and thought, I finally brought home a cb350rs in the athletic blue metallic shade.

A very short pros and cons after riding it for a 100km


  • Good brakes. The front brakes have a very good bite and it felt very good when compared to the Royal Enfield's.
  • Thumpy sound. The bike sounds awesome when given enough throttle. But it is kind of mute while cruising.
  • Mature ride. Even though the ride is on the stiffer side, it is still very good. The bike feels very stable and through rough patches of road it felt planted.
  • The way this thing looks is awesome. So many people have asked me the model and the price of the bike. This blue shade is rare and is a looker for sure. The 150 section rear tyre adds to the looks.
  • Slick shifting gearbox and a smooth clutch
  • The bike is very well balanced. Easy to take tight turns on without intimidating the rider.


  • Low end torque is meh!
  • The gearing is tall, very tall. 5th can only be used above 65kmph, which is close to useless during my commutes
  • The front mud flaps are too short.
  • No space to keep documents.
  • The lack of BT connectivity and dual horns on the RS

Ending the short review with some bagers

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