Canada: catalytic converters to be registered to deter thefts

A radical step aimed at reducing the rising thefts of the vehicle part.

Police authorities in Montreal, Canada are inviting motorists to register their vehicles' catalytic converters. According to a media report, the registration of catalytic converters is said to help deter the rising thefts of the specific vehicle part.

Vehicle owners were invited to visit one of three registration sites in Montreal, where the police would provide them with unique identification stickers. They would also engrave ID numbers on the catalytic converters with a related OR code.

The ID number on the vehicle part would allow the police to track the original owner and return the catalytic converter, in case of a theft.

The reason for the rising thefts is believed to be the relative ease with which catalytic converters can be stolen. Another reason is the presence of precious metals in catalytic converters, which can be sold separately with a high value.

Source: Montreal Gazette

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