Car makers collaborate to investigate the Takata airbag issue


Car makers all over the globe have been plagued by the Takata airbag issue. This global phenomena has resulted in recalls of millions of vehicles due to issues relating to faulty airbag inflators. Already 10 automakers have recalled over 14 million vehicles worldwide.

Toyota called for an industry-wide joint initiative to hire an independent engineering company to investigate and address the Takata airbag inflator issues. Affected automakers will be able to share test results and analysis. This collaborative effort will benefit all car makers fitted with Takata airbags globally. Honda and Ford have already agreed to cooperate.

According to the testing data provided by Takata to Toyota and National Highway Safety Administration (NHTSA), the risk was maximum in areas of consistently high absolute humidity. Independent testing by the car makers will only add to Takata's research and investigation.

In the recent past, Toyota, Honda and Nissan have recalled several vehicles in India due to the Takata airbag issue.


Source: ET Auto & Autocar Pro

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