Checked out the 2024 Swift LXI in person: My unbiased observations

All the chatter about how awful the clamshell design is, will vanish once the car is in front of you.

BHPian neil.jericho recently shared this with other enthusiasts.

As a long time forum member, I will admit to being perplexed / bemused / surprised by the waves of negativity towards this latest Swift. For so many years, we have loudly criticized Maruti for letting the Swift become long in the tooth while also lagging behind on the safety front.

Now, Maruti has evolved the styling of the Swift, plonked in its new Z series engine, thrown in 6 airbags (halleluiah!), made mention of 45% high tensile steel in the body shell and we are even talking about the probability of a good BNCAP rating. And yet, most people are unhappy! I simply dont get it.

Anyways, a fellow TBHPian and I got a chance to check out the new Swift and honestly, I think it is going to be another runaway success. The sales lady at the showroom which we visited said that they had a lot of walk-ins yesterday for the launch. Their booking count is at around 25. Another showroom which I drove past twice today, had two cars on display and a whole load of walk-ins.

1. Sooooooooooo much has been said about the styling without people even seeing the car in a showroom. All this chatter about how awful the clamshell design is, will vanish once the car is in front of you. This is a very tasteful evolution of the classic Swift formula.

2. The interior of the car is reassuringly familiar. I like the layout of the dials. There is no telescopic adjustment on any variant of the car.

3. This is the VXI (mid) variant and the gargantuan bezels are on full display. It takes some time to get used to the unusual setup but I suppose that 99.99% of normal Indian families wont mind it one bit.

4. Maruti has spruced up the interiors with interesting design elements...

... while also playing it safe with other.

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