Checked out the Mahindra XUV 3XO AX7L variant: 4 Likes & 4 Dislikes

This car comes with the best interiors in the sub-4 compact SUV segment and can give a run for the money to the cars in the above segment as well.

BHPian Col Mehta recently shared this with other enthusiasts.

Got an invitation to experience the AX7L in person. Here are a few initial observations -


  • Premium interiors and build quality – Have no hesitation in saying that this car comes with the best interiors in the sub-4 compact SUV segment and can give a run for the money to the cars in the above segment as well. The moment you sit inside, you know it’s been tastefully done. Piano black finish on the center console, dashboard, and door trims gives the much-needed contrast while the all-white interior presents a sense of space and premiumness. But the interiors will be a royal pain to maintain. Within no time, the display car had stains in a few places!

Furthermore, heavy doors and panels alone do not necessarily indicate good build quality, but this car exudes exceptional craftsmanship (almost - more on this in the Dislike section) throughout. All touch points feel durable, and the soft-touch materials on the dashboard and doors are delightful. I wouldn't be surprised if this car, like its predecessor, scores 5 stars in the crash test.

  • Space and super comfortable seats – This car definitely offers the best space in its segment. The legroom is ample, the shoulder room comfortably accommodates three adults, and the headroom is sufficient for anyone under 6 feet tall. No other car in this segment, except possibly the Brezza, provides this much space. The seats are exceptionally soft and comfortable, making you feel pampered as soon as you sit down. However, I am uncertain about their comfort on long drives, as soft seats can sometimes cause discomfort over extended periods.

  • Commanding seating position – The front seats offer a full view of the bonnet and the surrounding area. The overall visibility is very good. The driver seat has ample height adjustments, making it easy for shorter drivers to find a comfortable driving position. Additionally, the passenger seat is not placed too low, unlike in other cars, which means passengers will also enjoy good visibility all around.
  • Some other goodies – A big glovebox with light and cooling function, EPB with Auto Hold, 17-inch wheels, frameless IRVM, etc. are some of the good-to-have features this car offers.


  • No ventilated seats and no paddle shifters – Not really sure what Mahindra was thinking when they chose not to include at least the ventilated seats.
  • Speaker system – During our limited time testing the speaker system, it appeared quite ordinary. Competitors offer far superior audio systems, and it seems Mahindra missed an opportunity here. While it might improve with adjustments, my expectations are not high.
  • Restricted rear seat headrest travel – Interestingly, the rear headrests don't extend very high, potentially limiting adjustments for taller passengers. I strongly advise checking this to ensure comfortable seating in the back.

The rear headrest at its lowest height:

And at its maximum height. Not a great level of adjustments available:

  • Ah, the flaw in its well-crafted interior quality - That exposed screw slot is quite a disappointment. Mahindra should have provided a cover for it. It's a jarring sight in an otherwise premium interior.


  • Looks – The car looks quite handsome in person, in fact, a lot less quirky than in the videos and pictures. However, it looks smaller than the XUV 300 and may not necessarily have its butch look. Having said that, it’s not a bad-looking car at all.

  • Dashboard appearance and Infotainment system – I'm not particularly fond of waterfall-style dashboards, and this one is no different. It still has an old-school look that doesn't quite match the overall premium feel of the car. Additionally, the infotainment system is buggy and lacks smoothness. It's not awful, but there's certainly room for improvement. The competition is offering much better options.

  • Skyroof – Although the large glass roof enhances the aesthetics and allows ample light inside, it's not as expansive as a panoramic sunroof (for obvious reasons) and abruptly ends before reaching the rear seating area. This creates a feeling of being neither here nor there. A full-sized panoramic sunroof contributes significantly more to the sense of premiumness.

  • White interiors – As much as they look beautiful and premium, maintaining them will be exceptionally challenging. Just glancing at the stains and smudges scattered across them had my heart racing faster than usual.

  • Boot space – At first glance, the boot doesn’t look too big, but I’m certain that it will be able to accommodate a healthy amount of luggage. The 60:40 split should help too.

Overall, it's a great package. There have been mixed reviews on the TGDi and TC engine and gearbox tuning. Hoping to test-drive it soon and share the findings.

Check out BHPian comments for more insights and information.

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