Chevrolet Sail UVA: Local mechanic asking Rs 25,000 for ECM replacement

My dad does not want to spend any more on this car and wants to get rid of it since we bought a Maruti XL6 Alpha+ a few months ago.

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Recently while going to his office in Pune, my dad experienced a catastrophic failure in his Sail-UVA. The car started bogging and eventually came to a complete halt with the whole instrument cluster getting blank (0 fuel, 0 odo and so on). He works in Nokia Telecom services and so he has a very busy schedule. He called for towing service to a garage in Pune and went to his office to attend a meeting via Ola.

After a few hours, the mechanic told him that the ECM was shorted and needed replacement costing INR. 25665. They are not as knowledgeable and trustworthy as before this, they quoted him 15000 for replacing the security system (third-party system installed by dealer), when it was a simple case of the keyfob's battery dying which I found while testing things myself.

Now, my dad is in a dilemma as he does not want to spend any more on that vehicle and wants to get rid of it since we bought an XL6 Alpha+ a few months ago. I'm keeping him from selling the Chevy since I want to take it over when I start earning (a few months). I persuaded him to daily the XL6 as it has better mileage but he refuses to do so since he wants to keep it new.

Here are some pictures which he (the mechanic) sent:

Since he is really busy with his work, he is never able to visit and observe the work done. Also, the workshop is in Pune and our permanent home is about 150+km away, so even I can't visit. I've a few queries and would love to hear your opinion on it:

  • Does the ECM look short/the experience explained by my dad point to ECM failure?
  • Should we go ahead with repairs? The car is otherwise in good shape.
  • Is 25665 a valid price?
  • Are there any other trustworthy repair shops near Pune, Kalyani Nagar

Here's what BHPian hothatchaway had to say about the matter:

A quick search online shows Chevrolet (Beat) ECM priced at 31k. I think there may be a possibility of it being repaired. If yes, check the wiring also if a short is the culprit.

Hope a Pune-based member can share garage options in Pune.

All the best!

Here's what BHPian ninjatalli had to say about the matter:

Try getting a second opinion; especially with regards to repair options. For instance, this garage (Independent Garage - The Mechanix Automotive (Pune)) is a bhpian run place. You could reach out to @noopster and @moralfibre (among others) for feedback who have vouched for the place.

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