Citroen eC3 Review : 9 Pros & 9 Cons

The Citroen eC3 is offered with 15-inch steel wheels as standard with 'Tessera' wheel covers. Alloy wheels are optional and Citroen has a couple of cool designs as well.

Citroen eC3 Pros

  • Funky looking electric hatchback. Crossover styling cues will appeal to the masses
  • Real world range of ~200 km is good enough for city driving and urban commutes
  • Zero emissions, cheap “fuel” costs, no gears, light controls & compact size make it an ideal city car
  • Sorted handling characteristics, due to the lower center of gravity
  • Good-looking cabin that is practical too
  • 315-litre boot is very usable and fits a 15-inch spare wheel underneath
  • 10-inch touchscreen with wireless Android Auto and Apple CarPlay. Now gets connected car tech as well
  • Lots of customization options and accessories to make your car truly unique
  • Like the C3 Petrol, we expect this EV version to be well-priced

Citroen eC3 Cons

  • Missing plenty of features – adjustable regeneration, electric ORVM adjustment, climate control, rear wiper & defogger, reversing camera, alloy wheels, etc.
  • 56 BHP motor isn't very fun-to-drive. Top speed is limited to just 107 km/h
  • 200 km range makes the eC3 strictly a city car. Not ideal for long-distance traveling
  • No fast AC home charging even as an option. Either wait 10 hours or find a DC fast charger nearby
  • The usual EV challenges (charging infrastructure, brand new tech could mean niggles, range anxiety)
  • Just 2 variants at launch (no true top-end variant)
  • Quality of cabin materials doesn’t feel great; cost-cutting is pretty evident in certain areas
  • Cabin width makes the interiors suitable for 4 adults, not 5
  • Long-term reliability & after-sales service quality are big unknowns; dealer network is tiny

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