City commute on my new BMW G 310 GS: Few things that I noticed

The motorcycle has a very nice commanding riding position and the suspension setup is at another level.

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Got the delivery today. The delivery experience at BMW Motorrad Kormamgla (operated by JSP) was seamless. The bike was ready at the showroom when I reached. I was able to get hold of the bike within 20 mins.

Few things I noticed based on my 50km city commute.

  • It would take some time to get used to a tourer-type bike in which the headlight doesn't move.
  • Bike gives a very nice commanding position
  • The levers are extremely smooth and can be easily operated with one/two fingers.
  • Engine heat sink fan switches on very frequently and the hot air hits the ankle side a lot (nothing to worry about though)
  • Headlight throw is good but the intensity could have been better (I had upgraded my NS headlamps thus the complaint), would eventually get aux lamps
  • Suspension is simply at another level, glad I went ahead with this bike.
  • Need to learn to handle the weight of the bike well in traffic.
  • Parking the bike for me gets a bit tricky at times due to the seat height, but is manageable
  • Side stand is weird, and requires slight slanting of the bike in the opposite direction.

Looking forward to numerous trips on this in the coming years.

One question, I will have to leave the bike unused for 10-12 days after two weeks, any precautions I should take? I intend to take the bike for 1000km/1 month service next month.

One important thing I forgot to mention, I managed to stall the bike 3 times. Still getting accustomed to the throttle response and gear ratios.

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