Clocked 26,000 km on my Polo TSI: 10 highlights along with maintenance

I have a preference for smooth and sedate driving. As a result, I am getting a fuel efficiency of 16.5 km/l.

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I hope everything is going well for you. I'll divide this piece of writing into a few more categories.

Passion for automobiles:

I'm a genuine auto aficionado from childhood.

It all started with a car called the Hyundai Santro. Back in the 2000s, when I was studying in school, we lived in a gated community. Life was going on its way, and suddenly I got caught by a new Santro that was parked near to my house. I had no clue who bought it, and when I asked my mom, she told me it was from our neighbor. The turbo kicks in, and I start to cry and ask my father to get a new car on that day itself. It was a three-day cry, and I said I wouldn't go to school unless I got a car. As a typical Indian parent, my father told me, Yes, I'll get you a car, and I anticipated receiving one from him, but it ended up in his used cycle.

Case 1:

Car - Fiat Uno

At times, my father used to borrow his friend's Fiat Uno, and I'd be given the chance to sit and press the horn with my father sitting on the passenger side. One time, I saw him put the key in and crank the engine. At that time, I thought that's what driving is all about and took a chance to sit in a Fiat Uno and did the same, the engine came to life. I was glad that the car was in neutral, and I didn't notice how my dad changed the gears. He noticed the sound and ran towards me, switching off the engine. It went off with a few scoldings from dad. Post that he won't give the car keys.

Case 2:

Car - Fiat Uno

I was not given the car keys, but he will unlock the car. Just let me sit in the driver's seat. I steered the wheel from left to right a few more times, and this time I locked the car's steering. I don't know what happened; the steering came to a halt, and I couldn't turn anymore, so I left it as it was and left the car. I believe it's hydraulic steering, and my dad is not aware of how to unlock it. We were glad that one of our neighbors had an acting driver for his car, so he came and unlocked the steering.

All the cases were closed, and days passed. When we used to travel to my cousin's place by train, when the train crossed Chengalpet, my dad called me and showed me the Ford factory with N numbers Ford Ikon parked outside, which gave me another boost.

Days went even faster, and we decided to buy a car in the late 2000s and headed to the Ford showroom, where my father took a test drive of the Ford Figo. Later, for some reason, the plan didn't work out, and it went in vain.

Learning Journey:

  • I learned car driving from driving school, and my friend taught me to drive a geared motorcycle in his father’s TVS Centra.
  • I got my license as per the government norms and used to drive or learn from my relative's Polo TDI and gained confidence.]

Buying Journey:

I got placed in a corporate company and decided to take my friend for a test drive.

  • Renault Duster - It was very well built, and the budget was very huge.

Later, we went to Nexa and didn't have any test drives but got a chance to sit in all their cars. Nothing went as planned, so the buying journey was paused for a couple of years.

Later, I got promoted and decided to buy a new car. I didn't tell anyone, including my dad, but my mom was aware.

  • S-cross - I liked it, but it didn't connect with me.
  • Altroz - I didn't get any feel or feedback from the car, but my mom told me it was bigger inside compared to the Polo.
  • Polo GT TSI - I test drive it, and I got easily connected to the car and the feel was amazing.

Turbo inside me kicked in, and we ended up with a Polo TSI Highline Plus.

On the Noon of the delivery day, I told my father about the new car. He was thrilled, and we headed to the showroom with my family and two relatives, a total of five persons, in two autos.

Neither my father nor I don't have any experience buying cars before. Then, I came across TBHP PDI, and it helped a lot.


  • 1.0 TSI stands out as a machine within its class
  • The Highline Plus variant comes with all the bells and whistles.
  • Cruise control is a lifesaver during highway rides. Engage the cruise, and we'll be at triple-digit speeds in no time.
  • Tinted windows are a godsend feature, especially in summer at this price range, and they work as expected.
  • The VW in-house music system is excellent, and I find it more than sufficient.
  • The Goodyear Assurance rubber, with 195/55/R16, is performing well. I may consider switching brands in the future.
  • Wired Android Auto works without any issues.
  • The stock headlights and cornering lights provide decent visibility at night.
  • The horn is decent.
  • Overall, the fit and finish are good, with no panel gaps or improper fittings.


  • When I got the car, I decided not to make any modifications
  • The car is running with factory fittings, and I haven't made any modifications.
  • I'm the primary driver and have operated the vehicle most of the time.
  • I got all the necessary car washing equipment and typically wash the car when traveling out of town or usually once a month.
  • I prefer not to have anyone else wash the car apart from VASS. When using a water wash station, I will watch like a hawk.
  • Up to now, the car has been regularly serviced and maintained at the VASS.
  • I have a preference for smooth, sedate driving.
  • I shift gears promptly and ensure the engine doesn't reach the red line before changing gears.

Current ODO is at 26K

Mileage as per Fuelio - 16.5 KMPL


The rat did its job, and I ended up at VASS. Gladly, it didn't create a big hole in my pocket

As a VAG owner, the never-ending story seems to revolve around ABS issues, which surfaced at the 15K mark. I noticed steering vibrations, and one day, the ABS warning lights suddenly turned on. Visiting VASS, they diagnosed it as an ABS problem. Additionally, they told me that there was an issue with the wheel bearing, which wouldn't be covered under warranty. I was clueless.

I have my cousin brother who is well knowledgeable in this area and we connected in a conference call with an authorized VASS representative. We detailed the meticulous maintenance history and pointed out that if a wheel bearing failed with such a low run, it likely indicated a manufacturing fault. After a heated argument, they conceded to replace the wheel bearing under the dealer's warranty, sparing us any expenses. I urged them to inspect the ABS sensors and bearings on the other wheels as well.

The front rotors were skimmed due to the juddering, but the issue is not solved and the juddering is back. Additionally, I've noticed a pinch of noise while braking. I need to replace the rotor, but I'm unsure if opting for a different brand will void the warranty.

I’m one of the happy owners of the Polo TSI and have absolutely no regrets about my decision to buy it.

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