Pros & Cons of my Virtus 1.0L AT after a 1,650 km trip to Harsil Valley

Driving is a bliss. Perfect handling and stability at 110+ speed was the reason why I chose this car

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Just came back from a 1650 kms trip to Harsil Valley (Uttrakhand) from Rajasthan in my Virtus Topline 1.0 AT. Some feedback and pics follow :

  • Driving is a bliss. Perfect handling and stability at 110+ speed was the reason why I chose this car and the car proved my decision to be a correct one.
  • Seat Comfort is amazing which makes the long routes easier. I highly recommend getting a neck pillow for the driver. (I bought one from the Frido website)
  • Ground Clearance was tested at Nelong Valley. I feared the car would get scarped from the bottom and it didn't.
  • Hill hold assist is amazing. Coming from an 11-year-old Maruti Suzuki Dzire, this feature is a godsend.
  • Boot space is a godsend. My car is driven solo by me 99% of the time but on this trip with friends, I utilized every inch of it and it was a factor that amazed everyone.

Cons :

  • The vertical FOV is very low. I had a hard time watching rainbows and magnificent hills. I don't know if this is with all the Sedans but this has been a complaint from 2 of my friends.
  • No hill descent. Why VW?
  • The car was coughing on very steep climbs which were hairpin bent. Paddle shifters made that part slightly easier.

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