Took delivery of Himalayan 450 after a 4+ month wait: First impressions

Suspension felt heavenly. Those speed breakers, used to give heavy thuds to my old bike, was like nothing in front of Showa.

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Finally took delivery of my "Kamet" today (4+ months waiting). Nothing good to say about the delivery experience. it was very hot there without AC in the display area. Features were not explained to me, they said YouTube has lots of videos. I also agreed on the same for the sake of escaping from boiling heat. Did customary Pooja there itself and took off for fun on the road.

I am able to flat foot with my 177cm height. I am yet to explore features in the console and seat adjustments.

I have a Pixel 7 with Android 14 and like many people here I am also not able to pair the phone with a console. I configured system time using settings which was very difficult to navigate.

Then I went to an accessory shop to install protective gear. I got a moto torque crash guard, radiator grill, top plate, and reservoir guards. Planning to install a footrest and fleet track also in the coming days. Some pics from the accessory shop

Initial impressions are below.

  • It was intimidating at first. but got used to the bike's stance after a few kms. Love its sticker graphics and black-and-white colors.
  • The engine felt a little bit rough as I was driving a Honda Dazzler for 13+ years. I believe I will get adjusted here.
  • Drove 50+km in traffic, flickability felt good, I was able to drive through some narrow gaps like my old bike.
  • The horn was definitely an upgrade over Honda's meek horn.
  • It was hard to keep the bike under 4k rpm. I was able to test all the gears.
  • gearbox seemed rough to me. Lots of thuds when downshifting. I have to re-learn how to use a non-Honda gearbox. any pointers to improve my skills are welcome
  • I feel a lot of getting used in the coming days, for usage of a non-Honda bike
  • Heat in the traffic, as expected, is very high. my wife was not able to tolerate it.
  • The exhaust note seemed addictive, especially 3k+rpm
  • My body felt exhausted after 50+km traffic commuting.
  • The Handlebar grip was not comfortable. Sometimes it gave me small pains and redness on my hands. Need to search for a better grip.
  • The suspension felt heavenly. Those speed breakers, which used to give heavy thuds to my old bike, were like nothing in front of Showa. It glided through most of the potholes and speak breakers.
  • They could have given an auto-off indicator and a buzzer
  • Console navigation and device support need some rework. hope this will be resolved over OTA
  • Most of the above negatives are known before committing, so not many regrets.

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