Comfortable premium sedan under Rs 45 lakh: Audi A4 or Mercedes A-Class

Or would going for a higher-grade used car like the A6, E-Class or BMW 5-series be a better option?

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Dear Experts,

I want to buy a premium car now and test drove the A4 and A-class. Want to buy only petrol because I am in Delhi NCR.

Drove GLA and Q3 also and realised that I am not an SUV person. BMW 2-series seems like a car for 2 people. Everything else beyond budget which is ideally 40-45L OTR.

What I liked about the A4

  • Overall felt more luxurious than A-class
  • Feels more spacious inside (apart from the central bump for rear-center seat)
  • Feels more plush inside (retro luxury)
  • Ride felt more comfortable

What I liked in A-Class

  • New age / tech-luxury feel
  • Interior is jazzy
  • Driving felt more sporty

Important for me

  • Car Price
  • Maintenance cost
  • Comfortable for long drives for 4 people

I am no car expert e.g., I hear A4 is now old technology OR that Merc’s 8-year warranty makes a difference – I frankly can’t judge.

  • Confused about which of these two I should buy. Please guide.
  • If Audi A4, then is there a big difference between Premium Plus and Technology variants?
  • OR, will a higher-grade pre-owned car (A6 / E-Class / 5-series) be better? (But hard to find 2-3-year-old pre-owned petrol sedans also under 40L)

Please help me choose. Thank you.

Btw, why there are no sedans in the range of 25-45L in the market?

Here's what BHPian lamborghini had to say about the matter:

The A4 is a segment higher than the A-Class globally, but is a relatively older model as you rightly pointed out.

Keeping in mind your priorities:

  • Car Price: A4 is definitely a better deal. You are getting a C Class competitor for the price of an A-Class!
  • Maintenance Cost: Sharing parts with VW/Skoda should hopefully keep prices in check and better availability of spares. Also, they have good warranty programs that are worth exploring, post which please do shift to a good independent mechanic irrespective of brand. In my experience with the previous gen A6 & C Class - the A6 was definitely easier to live with and maintain barring Air Suspension - which the A4 doesn't get.
  • Comfortable for long drives for 4 people: larger A4 again wins this round.

As for variant differences - all boils down to what you will find useful. There are many who are happy with the basic Premium trim; forget premium plus / technology.

Buying a pre-owned higher grade car that is only 2-3 years old: your options should be 330i or A6. The E Class & 5 series are generally priced higher for such examples, though the A6 may fall in the bracket due to heavy discounts + is a newer generation compared to E/5 which has already unveiled the next generation and will soon be outdated.

Here's what BHPian GoBabyGo had to say about the matter:

Get yourself an Audi A4. However, if you have your own house and space to install EV charging in your parking area, check out the Hyundai Ioniq 5. Its on-road Noida price is 48.75 lacs and hopefully, you will get some discount also.

Ioniq 5 has a practical range (from 100% to 20%) of 400 km in the city and 375 km on highways. Maintenance cost is not very high. Service support from Hyundai is fantastic.

If you are not open for an EV, get A4 and enjoy.

All the best for your purchase.

Here's what BHPian AKSarkar1 had to say about the matter:

I have been a diehard Mercedes supporter but recently given certain budget requirements switched to Audi as well, albeit pre-owned. Funnily enough, I have found the maintenance to be on the cheaper side since VAG cars have part sharing and this sometimes results in unexpected but more than welcome savings.

The A4 and A-Class are simply not in the same league, an Audi equivalent of the A-Class would be the A3 (hatchback or Sedan) which was formerly available in India. The current generation of the A Class is drab and uninspiring, the interiors are a bit too cramped and basic for my liking.

I would say go in for the A4 any day over the A-Class if the budget permits.

And lastly, as a Sedan lover, I feel your pain! Just until a decade ago, you could buy everything from a Jetta, Passat, Fluence and Octavia in the mid to high 20L range!

Here's what BHPian sauravpat had to say about the matter:

With the kind of discounts that Audi Delhi offers, you will get the A4 at no cost premium over the A-Class for a much bigger and more powerful car. The A4 is a more sophisticated car and a lot better for 4 people at a time. Would definitely recommend A4.

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