Comparing 2023 Hyundai Verna with Skoda Slavia & Fiat Linea: Few points

The front seats of the car were surprisingly comfortable and I quickly managed to find a happy driving position.

BHPian keroo1099 recently shared this with other enthusiasts.

Just got back after checking out the new Verna at Lakshmi Hyundai, Whitefield. For perspective, I am going to compare it to my Linea and what I remember of the Slavia that I test-drove a long time back.

The Good

  • Perceived and actual quality is far far better than my Linea. All the AC vents are nicely damped, including the center console storage, and all the other buttons. Even the stalks felt 'meaty', nicely damped and had zero play. I will admit that some parts look 'plasticky' like the door pads but not a deal breaker to me. In all honesty, I found the interior better looking put together compared to the Slavia.
  • Front seats were surprisingly comfortable and I quickly managed to find a happy driving position. With the seat set for my 5'11" frame, I had more than enough legroom at the rear and without my head touching the liner. I was so comfy at the back that I forgot to check under seat thigh support. It's that good and better than the Linea and from what I remember felt better than the Slavia.
  • The light cream leather and black combo looks great, but will soil easily.
  • Controls didn't feel out of place and everything falls to hand naturally (maybe because it's very similar to the Linea).
  • The boot lid and hood both are nicely clad with insulation.
  • Trunk is big enough, plus you have space in the wheel well for smaller items.

The Bad

  • It was easy to adjust the rake, but the reach took some arm strength.
  • Steering wheel design isn't my favorite, though the buttons are nicely damped.
  • The underfloor layout isn't as clean as my Linea.
  • Just like the Tjet the fresh air intake is near the headlight within the engine compartment.
  • I find the design too busy, front and rear.

As a Linea owner, it's just sad to hear that the car has the grunt but can't handle the power which according to me is just useless power. Will take a TD and see how it goes.

Not a flat Undeerbody

Layout and reach very similar to the Linea

Nice solid door connectors for all the electricals

Plenty of space for keeping knick-knacks

Bad pic, but the air intake is close to the headlight level inside the engine compartment

Nice large 130A alternator

Rear suspension


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