Dalma Weekender: Pics from a recent Team-BHP meet-up

Dalma Hills nearby was an added attraction along with some more near Ranchi.

BHPian ABHI_1512 recently shared this with other enthusiasts.

After the last weekender at Mandarmoni, it was decided amongst the members to have an overnighter at Asanbani near Jamshedpur. Dalma Hills nearby was an added attraction along with some more near Ranchi. Jamshedpur is around a 5-hour leisurely drive from Calcutta and hence, members took it easily among themselves. The idea was to spend some quality time with friends over the weekend. Some like me decided to hit the road the previous night itself and some decided to start very early in the morning the next day in order to reach Asanbani, Jamshedpur around noon. The place or the resort was the wonderful WAVE INTERNATIONAL just beside the highway and having a huge space for parking and is a perfect weekend destination.

So, it was the last day of the month of March and after the usual working fight of the day, we- the group who started late in the night from our respective places, at around midnight, were supposed to meet just after the Dhulagarh toll plaza. The excitement of driving through the night over some brilliant roads is a chance not to be missed, said some

The midnight group included seasoned travellers like Neversaygoodbye, Mile_Breaker, hornnotokplease and some very spirited traveler's like boniver, cdibya and Horsepower. The midnight group also included lazy bums like me and folks like DevOnWheels, Apollo1999 and Sandman789. Some random pictures from the trip just to make this first post a little more interesting :

We started from our respective destinations around midnight. Since the idea was to spend time together, we carpooled to our destination. The idea of sharing the drive together with like-minded folks was more appealing than taking their own respective vehicles. But that didn't stop me from taking my car though.

We stopped for a round of tea at our first stop near the Dhulagarh toll plaza. I was the last one to reach as the rest of the group had already assembled. Round of tea over, we headed for our dinner stop at SHER-E-PUNJAB Kolaghat. Someone might be wondering- starting at midnight and then stopping for dinner doesn't sound right !! But then, when foodies like us meet at one place, the conversation starter has to be some lip-smacking food, time and place notwithstanding.

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