Pics: The TeamBHP Rust belt states 2023 Spring meet

Unlike a typical interstate, US12 is a single lane scenic winding road which passes through historic landmarks and small towns.

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2023 Spring meet

Seven of us met in AnnArbor (another member joined us at our destination) last sunday before driving along the historic US12 heritage trail which runs between Detroit and Chicago. Weather was sunny and glad that we pushed the meet from saturday due to rain and heavy wind.

Some of us met the previous night for dinner at Neehees Troy which is a well known Indian street food place in the Metro Detroit area. After dinner, we headed over to Shatila bakery in Dearborn which has one of the best Middle Eastern sweets in this part of the country. We drove 45 minutes one way after dinner just to have a few sweets and ice cream. Plan was to meet by 9am the following morning in one of the University of Michigan parking lots in AnnArbor. Some of us met in Bloomfield and drove together through one of the nicest neighborhoods in the area and reached the meeting point by 9:45. After talking for a while and clicking pictures, we had a brunch before beginning the 2.5 hours drive. Since it was a game day in the Big house, we skipped having lunch in any of the restaurants in the downtown area.

Unlike a typical interstate, US12 is a single lane scenic winding road which passes through historic landmarks and small towns. It had plenty of passing zones to overtake slow moving vehicles and traffic was spare to the most part. Our first stop was at Michigan International Speedway which hosts Nascar races. We were clicking pictures for a while in the parking lot. Security Director of the facility offered us to drive along the track and click pictures in the podium area. He made our day and everyone of us were elated. After thanking him, we continued our drive and stopped in one of the many antique shops along the road. After spending some time there, we headed over to our final destination in Sturgis. We dispersed around 5 and everyone from Detroit area drove along the same route back home.

It was a good route considering the flat roads in the MidWest and was a great way to kick off our 2023 meets.

rohittunga with his Fiesta ST

yash98 with his Jetta

landcruiser123 with the ZL1

scatpack392 with his Challenger RT Scat pack

rachitagarwal with his Q37x

nikhilarni with his GLC

vj123 with his Camaro ZL1

University of Michigan - Parking lot

Michigan International Speedway - Parking lot

Michigan International Speedway - Podium area

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