Did Pune-Belgaum-Pune in my Hyundai Kona: EV charging experience & cost

I strongly advice against charging beyond 80% as it takes far longer and causes inconvenience to other users.

BHPian ADI7YAK recently share this with other enthusiasts.

Did Pune-Belgaum-Pune roadtrip a few days ago, here is my experience and total cost for the trip.

Started off with 100% as usual and first stop was decided to be Jio-BP Walwa which is a 60kW unit. Charging started immediately without issues and topped up 11.75 units in a little over 15 minutes:

Next stop, Gogte Plaza (Fairfield by Marriott) Belgaum. Reached with around 20% juice left in the battery and us humans needed a top up too. Charger is 30kW and not 60kW as shown on the app, but no worries since the charger is located within Marriott premises and there is a good restaurant, Spice Blends just alongside the charger. Plenty time for the car to charge till we ate. Nice restaurant by the way:

After adding 21 units in ~50 minutes we headed out to our destination which turned out to be some 35-40km East of Belgaum on Bagalkote road. We were not expecting this and it also meant adding one more charging stop on the way back, at Jio-BP Hebbal. This one is a speedy 60kW unit and we only stopped for 15 minutes to add ~10 units. (Sorry I forgot to click pictures here!).

After charging we left for our next stop, Jio-BP Walwa again but we realized there is a 30kW E-Fill Charger at DY Patil Mall Kolhapur right next to one of my favourite restaurants in town! We decided it was worth taking a detour and go into the city for some lip smacking food. Fortunately, an MG ZS (also MH12) was just done with it's charging when I arrived and my car was plugged in. Side note, I strongly advice against charging beyond 80% as it takes far longer and causes inconvenience to other users. Charged for 50 minutes up to ~80% here, enough for us to get back home while we had our dinner:

Here is the summery of the trip. A whopping Rs. 2300 including charging and toll for 790km! What made this trip so comfortable is being able to couple charging and lunch/dinner together. Every charging infrastructure provider should prioritize installing DC chargers at restaurants:

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