My 2014 Tata Nano's annual maintenance cost is Rs 20,000: Here's why

Selling the car doesn't matter anymore as you can't even buy a new scooter for its worth.

BHPian jthomas recently shared this with other enthusiasts.

The major expenses I had on the 2014 Nano twist XT (currently odo is 20,500 km only) were:

  1. Around Rs 20,000 in 2019. I hit a big curb and the front passenger rim got bent. Did the repair at Tata service. Replaced the rim, tyre and front suspension parts and general service.
  2. Around ₹23k in 2022. Car was kept in the apartment basement during Covid for a year and a half. The battery was stock and I expected it to be changed. However, the jump start didn't work and had to tow it to an FNG. The Starter motor needs to be serviced. The fuel pump was replaced, the battery changed, the AC gas was refilled etc.
  3. Future expenses:

Now the car has put some 4000 kms more as it's my only drive now. There are some electrical issues with the audio. Can hear through the speaker some kind of short-circuit sound when you hit some potholes. It's not consistent, but it is there. So I keep the audio turned off. Sometimes the speedometer mileage reading flickers, sometimes there is no display. With one bump to the speedometer, the display works. Tyres seem to be ready for replacement (have never replaced any except the front left one).

Yeah, the annual expenses are coming close to ₹20k. Recently while filling petrol, there was some leak. The rubber elbow pipe had some cracks. Such simple parts were not readily available in Tata service. Ordered the same from Boodmo and got it replaced at FNG.

I am thinking to keep it for a few more years. One interesting aspect of this car is that it's exclusive now. In our apartment (2000 plus units), it's just one Nano car. Prior to Covid, there were three. When I drive to the office, security doesn't need to see the employee badge. Colleagues get surprised to see a 6-footer can comfortably sit in it. If I can keep it running for 4 more years, it will be even more unique

Selling the car doesn't matter anymore as you can't buy a new scooter for its worth. So will just keep it as long it runs.

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