Diesel engines will not die off anytime soon, says Toyota

The Fortuner and next-gen Prado will get the diesel-hybrid powertrain introduced on the Hilux.

Speaking to a media outlet, Sean Hanley, Sales & Marketing head of Toyota Australia, stated that despite the popular commentary, diesel engines are not dead.

While multiple car manufacturers across the world have discontinued diesel in favour of petrol hybrids and EVs, Hanley suggests, "It’s got a while to go, diesel, so it’s not going to die off anytime soon."

Hanley added that diesel remains a very credible fuel source, particularly for heavy vehicles. However, he did mention that diesels need to adapt to the stricter emission norms, which is where diesel-hybrid powertrains come into the picture. Toyota recently introduced its Hilux pickup truck with a 48-volt mild hybrid system paired to its 2.8-litre turbo-diesel engine. The engine is also said to make its way onto Toyota's other large SUVs, including the Fortuner and the upcoming new-gen Prado.

Hanley did, however, mention that the diesel engine technology needs to evolve. "In time, I think all fuel sources will be looked at, but we shouldn’t discount or neglect to understand that there could be a diesel synthetic fuel of some description," Hanley said. "There are all sorts of other options is what I’m saying. But diesel as we know it today is an interesting source of fuel that served us all very well, including Toyota. It’s not going to die off in a minute – you’ll still be able to fill your car up with diesel for the next 10 years. But it is a fuel source that we do need to look at carefully and what role it plays in the future," he added.


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