DIY: Upgrading the horns on my Maruti XL6

I had planned to ensure that the opening faces downwards, but the Hellas were a tight fit.

BHPian Leoshashi recently shared this with other enthusiasts.

Upgraded stock horns: While it wasn't a near miss, still I felt the need of better horns for the highways. The stock ones didn't give the respect a car should get.

I was wary of opening bumper etc., since it's a pain in the XL6 and I have seen fit and finish going down the drain when opened. Thankfully, Maruti has designed a superb location for the horn. It's located behind the grill. The grill itself is designed brilliantly and is a two part setup. The top part is easily removable and that gives enough access to the horns.

I first tried Crysta's horn set, since it's too irritating and gets the attention immediately. However, DBHPian Parag convinced me that Hella Chrome trumpets should do the job even better and that I should try it. Placed an order on Amazon yesterday and was delivered today.

Crysta's horns are so easily accessible:


I used to envy Crysta owners since the horn is so easily accessible for them, and irony is that their horn is so good that they rarely change it. However it's not too bad in the XL6 too, thankfully. We just need to remove the few plastic clips, 4 bolts and first the rear cover comes out and then the grill can be pulled out by holding the chrome bar firmly.

This is the schematic diagram, if it helps:

Brilliant placement of the stock horns:


I had planned to ensure the opening faces downwards, but the Hellas were a tight fit. Hence opening is facing sideward. But since the location is well sealed from all directions, possibility of water ingress is low.

Here's a video with the new horn output.

Check out BHPian comments for more insights and information.

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