DSG failure on my pre-owned Polo GT TSI: No fix in sight

Currently, this car is now stuck in 1st Gear and the previous restart method isn't working.

BHPian Mitesh_Rane recently shared this with other enthusiasts.

I recently purchased a used 2013 Polo GT from a trusted certified car reseller. The car however within 2 weeks started to show the DSG transmission faluire signs.

Firstly the Gear Indicator started blinking during my drive back home. Since i had done a fair bit of homework before getting a Polo GT, i knew it had someting to do with the Mechatronic Unit, but since the car was just 2 weeks old i initially ignore the error since the same would go away after restarting the car.

This continued for few days after which i noticed a pattern in which the Indicator would start blinking after 40 mins of drive, but it had no impact on the driving and gear shifts. After a week of living with the issue, i decided to get the car scanned. The scanner showed the P17BF error. After consulting with VW and few other Repair shops i was required to either replace the Mechatronic Unit from VW or find out other means to resolve the Issue.

As i was not ready spending a huge chunk on the repairs from VW i opted for a reputed Transmission Repair mechanic in Mumbai who would replace the unit with a refurbished one.

After the repair was done the car was running smooth without any issues, but very recently i am facing a newer issue in which on Initial Ignition the the Gear Indicator continues to blink in all the gear positions right from start. Also during this error phase the car does not go above 1st Gear while driving with the reverse gear not working.

This again goes off after restarting the car and it drives normally again with Engine Light On on the Dashboard which goes off after some time.

I have faced this issue twice within 15 days of Mechatronic repair thus i am a bit worried on the reliability of drive.

The Repair Guy says this is a common issue so wanted to check with the fellow Polo GT owners as to how common is the issue and is it something that i should be worried.

Further to add, currently this car is now stuck in 1st Gear and the previous restart method isnt working. On ignition the gear indicator is continuously blinking with the reverse gear inoperable.

Here's what GTO had to say on the matter:

Who is this reputable gearbox mechanic? If he cares about his reputation, he will fix your transmission for free, or at a heavily discounted rate.

But remember, with the maintenance & upkeep of German cars, there are no shortcuts. You must ALWAYS use the best quality parts & best quality labour.

Good luck with the repairs & do keep us updated. But such an experience is the reason I don't recommend 10-year old German cars to anyone. The parts are too expensive & the reliability is patchy (especially as the car ages). If on a tight budget, Japanese cars are the best.

Here's what BHPian Yesterdaysnews had to say on the matter:

I fear both your “trusted” car reseller and “reputed” mechanic have taken you for a ride. I’d first go after the “trusted” car reseller and find a fix with him, but you may have negated that chance by going to a mechanic and getting work done on the car.

Ignoring warning lights and symptoms - especially if they repeat, is not being wise at all and is a recipe for disaster. No warning light coming on is a common issue and ok to live with.

I think your recourse now is with the mechanic you went to, as GTO has highlighted. He is going to swear it’s something else that needs replacement or repairs, you have to stick to your guns and insist on a big discount. I’d also open a conversation with the dealer you bought the vehicle from. Did they offer you any warranty or provide you with a checklist saying that the gearbox was in good shape?

Here's what BHPian 2000rpm had to say on the matter:

I think the seller must have known this issue and sold the car anyway.

I am sure you got a great deal on the car also. I presume around 3.5 lakhs.

Just get the best parts and resolve the issue, thats the best way to deal with old german cars, else, they will haunt you as a car enthusiast.

P.S. - I own a Polo 1.6 and have been following this approach after 1 year of ownership. You can't live with this car with the same mindset as a Maruti! Repairs, never hold for more than a few months.

Here's what BHPian Areen had to say on the matter:

I would suggest you to get the clutch system diagnosed as clutch K1 might be stuck in its position and if you try using the reverse gear, it would not engage.

You should hold up the guy who repaired your transmission.

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