EVs with high mileage: Owners share their experiences & odo readings

Tata, Mahindra, Hyundai & Kia all sell electric cars/SUVs in India, as do a bunch of luxury brands.

BHPian TorqueIndia recently shared this with other enthusiasts.

Hi guys, our BEV market is expanding faster with more car models and manufacturers entering day by day.

Reva was the forerunner in our EV market with still many examples in use despite the vintage and support.

Later Mahindra and Tata Motors came up with low-voltage EVs for the fleet market with EVerito and Tigor EV.

Tata Motors introduced the Nexon EV in 2020 creating a huge stride in the market with high-voltage EVs.

4W BEV sales in India have stood at 150K units since 2018. Tata Motors leads with 4 products -Nexon, Punch, Tigor and Tiago.

MG has COMET and ZS EV, Mahindra has its XUV400 EV, and Hyundai is selling Kona and Ioniq 5. Kia is selling their KIA EV6 at the premium end too, along with almost every premium brand out there.

Even though sales are on the rise, many are still sitting on the fence with doubts about the reliability and durability of EVs and the evolution of battery technologies.

The EV community is quite huge now, with so many customers already crossing the warranty limits, in this thread, we can collect the data on highest highest-running EVs in India.

Here is a fresh milestone muncher 1.5 Lakh run on Nexon EV since OCT 2020.

TOTAL spending on charging and maintenance 2L +1L Total 3L.

Update: Another one, this NEXON EV might be the most used EV in the country, crossing 2.0 L km in April 2023.

Awaiting current status, the car was part of a corporate fleet.

Update 2: Here is a Blusmart India cab MG ZS EV with 1.07L km on odo as of SEP 2023 as reported by BHPian BunnyPunia.

Blusmart has a huge diversified fleet and might have the highest numbers too.

Here's what BHPian Shresth_EV had to say on the matter:

A few months ago I saw this video on YouTube of a user review of Nexon EV Prime by the owner who did 162K km in 2.5y

Apart from this, there’s also one Nexon EV prime owner in our tele group who completed and shared his 140K km ownership cost in Nov’23.

Via his Telegram channel.

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