Ferrari's 1:8 scale model of its 499P Modificata costs $20,000

Only 499 examples of the scale model will be made.

The Ferrari 499P Modificata, the Le Mans winning hypercar, is now available in a 1:8 Amalgam scale model.

The nearly two-foot-long model is an extremely detailed piece. The doors of the model open up to showcase the labels on the button box as well as the ventilation tubing on its interiors. The scale model's engine cover can also be lifted to reveal an accurate replica of the car's V6 engine, including the Bosch-branded control unit.

The scale model is said to be hand-assembled by the team, using multiple cast and CNC-machined parts, allowing for the intricate level of detail.

The 1:8 scale model of the Ferrari 499P Modificate though is a pricey option, costing about $19,995 a piece for the 499 examples.

Source: Road&Track

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