Fixing all niggles on my Tata Altroz diesel: 15,000 km update

The Altroz has returned an average fuel efficiency of 21 km/l on long trips and is a great mile-muncher.

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Hi folks,

Posting this for the benefit of existing and prospective owners on this forum and also because I am unable to find time to put together an ownership report, my Altroz D has completed 15,000 km. I just back from service and all is well.

This post is just to point out something which I faced on my recent run from Bangalore to Kochi. I will post a video of the instrument cluster for better understanding.

As you can see, the instrument cluster started acting all weird and at the same time, I noticed the car went into the limp home mode with the throttle cutting off at 2000 rpm. Since this happened in the early hours of a Sunday and I was with family, I had no choice but to keep driving.

After a while, I restarted the car at the next toll plaza stop and the cluster just completely froze, except for the fuel gauge and clock. No warning lights no speedo and tacho and no trip computer as well, everything just went blank. I also noticed cruise control wasn't available.

Dropped the car in for 15,000 km service at Gokulam Motors Kochi yesterday morning. I was told that the ECU software was buggy and reflashing it to the latest version (AL04) solved the issue. Took an extended test drive afterwards and found out that there were no issues.

Apart from this, the battery just drained all of a sudden couple of months back and for the life of me, I was never able to figure out why. Charged it again and I faced no other issues.

Apart from the above mentioned two niggles the car has been driving like a dream. It's such an amazing mile-munching machine. I have already done three 2,500 km road trips across South India and its been such a hoot to drive. The fuel economy has also been nothing short of amazing and I have been managing a consistent 21 km/l on these long trips. I am not a sedate driver.

So far I have been getting amazing support from the folks at Gokulam Kochi with special mention to my SA Vishnu. Tata owners in Kochi, I highly recommend this guy and you can give my reference.

Posing right after 15,000 km on the clock. Ready for another 15,000 km as well.

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