Fixing the infamous cone-set issue of my 1st-gen Himalayan 411

The parts which were changed aren't covered under warranty, hence had to pay for parts & labour.

BHPian khan_sultan recently shared this with other enthusiasts.

Had the infamous "cone-set" issue paying a visit to my Himalayan 411 with the khat-khat sound coming from the front fork side while going over speed breakers/potholes at normal speeds.

Took it to the RE Service center and they first tried tightening every bolt and seeing if the issue went away. It didn't go away and they had to eventually open the contest.

This is the part that gets changed and it is not covered under warranty and is consumable so have to pay for both the parts & labor.

Total came to approx 1700 bucks! Next time if this issue happens, will get the art-of-motorcycle cone-set solution done!

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