Ford EcoSport breaks down, Ford RSA comes to the rescue

I was happy with the Ford service as the RSA guys did not only provide a flatbed but also arranged alternate transportation.

BHPian ABHI_1512 recently shared this with other enthusiasts.

Just an experience to share regarding Ford’s service after the big announcement. So, we friends were on a road trip to Madhya Pradesh recently. At the fag end of the trip, we were travelling towards Benaras from Panna. After crossing Rewa, a little after a small town named Mangawan, we were just around three hours away from Benaras. One of the cars in the convoy (Ecosport) had to be stopped in the middle of the road after passing a toll. The car suddenly started to vibrate violently the moment the acceleration pedal was floored. Upon inspection, it was found that the engine mount on the left side gave away and it broke off. The shocker on the right side also looked like that it was damaged.

There was no way that the car could have been driven further! It was in the evening that it happened and the first thing that came to mind was calling the folks back in Calcutta. The Calcutta service guys were attentive and also video-called us to get the gravity of the situation. Next thing, my friend called up FORD RSA and gave the relevant details. He already had the RSA and we decided to put it to use without any further delay. Since the car couldn’t be moved further without damaging the engine block, it was prudent to arrange for the tow truck.

From there onwards, the RSA guys took over and firstly gave the option of towing the car back to Satna which was about 90 odd km from the place we were stuck at. Since moving back to Satna meant that we would be further towards MP, we decided to opt for Allahabad which was about 108 km. Ford RSA levied a charge for the extra 18 km since we opted for Allahabad and they always take cars to the nearest service center.

Meanwhile, my friend talked with BRIJ FORD's service manager and he was helpful and attentive to the problem. He also said that the part required is not with them but they would prioritise and order the same for a quick resolution. After waiting for an hour, the flatbed truck came from Rewa and was every bit professional in the approach. The RSA guys were in constant touch and called us every 20 minutes or so.

Even after the car was on the flatbed, the RSA guys were constantly calling us and reassuring us. They were also in the process of arranging for transportation to Benaras from Allahabad and were constantly updating us. I was pleasantly happy with the service that the RSA guys were providing.

Our journey continued and I followed the flatbed to Allahabad BRIJ FORD service center while the transportation was being arranged by the RSA guys. After handing over the car to the service center and with the documentation done, it was around 11.30 in the night. The alternate vehicle provided and arranged by RSA arrived and my friend then moved towards Benaras and reached around 2 in the morning. The car is still at Allahabad ASC and they have told that the service and repair will be done under warranty. Just that my friend will have to go back to Allahabad to fetch the car back to Calcutta.

All in all, this experience needed to be told because of various shenanigans going around in the name of FORD service. Still early days, but I would sincerely hope that Ford continues to provide the amazing service that they are known for by now. It’s a pity that they had to cease production and sales here in India, the service still remains top-notch.

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