Ford Endeavour - 2 variants discontinued, MT gearbox scrapped


Ford has made yet another change to the variant line-up of the Endeavour SUV in India, with the number of variants being cut down from five to three. This isn't the first time that the Endeavour's variant line-up has received changes - Ford had discontinued the base 2.2 4x2 Trend trim last year.

This time, Ford has discontinued the 2.2 4x4 MT Trend and 3.2 4x4 AT Trend variants. The SUV is thus now available in just three variants across its line-up - 2.2 4x2 AT Trend, 2.2 4x2 AT Titanium and 3.2 4x4 AT Titanium, which means that the Endeavour is now available with an automatic gearbox only.

These frequent changes to the Endeavour's variant line-up come in the wake of low sales figures of the SUV. Despite offering a well-packaged product, the Endeavour hasn't been able to compete with its main rival - the Toyota Fortuner. In May 2017, the Endeavour clocked 335 unit sales, while Toyota managed to sell 1,961 units of the Fortuner. This appears to have forced Ford to try different pricing strategies and cut down the number of variants of the Endeavour to make it more feasible for the market.

Revised variant line-up of the Endeavour (prices, ex-showroom, Delhi):

• 2.2 4x2 Automatic Transmission Trend - Rs. 25.49 lakh

• 2.2 4x2 Automatic Transmission Titanium - Rs. 28.62 lakh

• 3.2 4x4 Automatic Transmission Titanium - Rs. 31.50 lakh

Source: MyCarHelpline

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