Ford Figo ownership: Possible issues & repairs after 67,000 km

Fuel efficiency has been steady at 14 km/l observed from the MID, performance too is still as good as new.

BHPian whencut86 recently shared this with other enthusiasts.

Super quick update:

Car has now covered 67k km so far, and running has reduced considerably, thanks to dad's new car and our Jetta!

Central locking had some issues and was replaced under warranty with zero pressure from my side. Service is still good.

Apart from this, the car has been supremely reliable given our use case, still running on stock brake pads, which I am planning to change in the next service, little life left on them but I am not taking any chances here.

Efficiency has been steady at 14 km/l observed from the MID, performance too is still as good as new, no issues here.

Have been talking about performance mods, but sadly not going ahead with it, Jetta gets priority as it's more rewarding to mod. It's already running stage1 with 190bhp

Possible issues/replacements:

  1. Weird metallic noise from the front while driving on bad roads, need to get the steering rack checked I guess.
  2. Brake pads, as said earlier.
  3. Suspension noise can be observed but needs checking.
  4. Thinking about AT transmission fluid change. Will get it done now or at 80k. No issues with shifts, just preventive maintenance.
  5. Hope the tyre wears out soon, tyre noise is getting worse day by day on the Yokohama S drives apart from that they are excellent in other aspects.

Few random pics:

New garage mate, the diesel Jetta lives up to its hype. 400 Nm of torque is just so sweet.

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