Got a full-body PPF on my Innova Hycross for Rs 70,000

Material used was Paintguard Professional PPF with 5 year warranty.

BHPian Manuuj recently shared this with other enthusiasts.

Had booked the Hycross for PPF application at Retro Rraps in New Delhi. They do a very professional and transparent job.

Material used was Paintguard Professional PPF with a 5-year warranty.

Process followed:

  • They first applied a light Compound wax on the car and gave it a light pass.
  • Washing with foam wash.
  • They then applied Finishing wax.
  • Washed the car again with foam wash.
  • Next step was completely rinsing the car and drying using a microfiber cloth.
  • Inspection to check for any dust or polish residue.
  • Then it was moved to the enclosed PPF booth.
  • Door handles, wing mirrors, and emblems were removed.
  • The sealed PPF box was bought and opened in front of me.
  • Application of PPF started.
  • Full body, front and rear bumpers, the front area of the roof, headlights, and wing mirrors were covered in 180-micron glossy PPF.
  • All items that were removed like Wing Mirrors Door handles etc were then reinstalled and special care was taken to put the emblems back exactly where they were originally.
  • Final inspection was carried out and it was then handed over to me

In all the entire process took 2 days. The results are very good and I am quite delighted with how the final finish is.

Cost: INR 70,000/-

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