1 year with my red XUV300: Pros & cons of ownership after 13,500 km

We upgraded to the XUV300 from a used Maruti Ritz diesel.

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Hello everyone, first and foremost a big thanks to the Team BHP mods for approving the membership. I have been following the forum for close to a decade and am glued to the screen for updates and discussions.

I am a Mechanical engineer by profession and working in product design for diesel engines.

Started driving late when I was 30 years old on a diesel Ritz which was brought preowned.

This was the point when I fell in love with diesel engines and was addicted to the torque and the turbo boost. After using Ritz for around 1.6L Kms, bought XUV 300 Diesel, for pretty much the same reason.

Coming to bikes, I have a 2002 Yamaha RX135 which is in fairly good shape, and daily duties of grocery and market runs are carried out by 2019 Jupiter.

On the personal front, am married with 10 year old son.

I would like to pen down a small observation of my red XUV 300 which was purchased in April 2023. As of today, it has completed 13500 kms and going strong.

Some positives:

  • Torque, torque, and plenty of torque, engine performance
  • Silent engine
  • Cabin is nicely insulated
  • Build quality is good, the car is heavy and maintains composure at high speeds
  • 5 star safety
  • Good legroom at rear
  • Bonnet visible from the driver seat

Not so good:

  • Not many users have listed, but I feel the air conditioning is not powerful in peak afternoon, it's good in evenings or mornings, but it takes time to cool the cabin in sunny afternoons. It does its job, but I have seen people mentioning bone chiller A/C for some cars, it's not definitely the case with the XUV300.
  • I have seen a couple of owners mentioning steering losing control on rumblers. Is this a case for everyone or is this faced by a small group or batch of cars. Wanted inputs since we have seen that the car was recalled for suspension issues earlier. I too face this issue and am extra careful on the rumbler strips.
  • Is it me or has anyone faced that the front suspension bottoms out on bit high-speed breakers. If the speed is less, this does not happen, but even if the speed is a bit more, the car comes down with a big thud. Should I get the car inspected. Typical in cities with speeds of 30 to 35 kmph.
  • Again a small observation, brakes are very good at high speed, and do inspire confidence, but when at low speeds in the city (around 40-50), the bite seems less. Has anyone experienced this?

Apart from this, the car is a hoot to drive and probably the last diesel car I will own.

I recently completed a 4000 kms trip from Pune to Kanyakumari. Will certainly pen down in the travelogues section.

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