Owning a Porsche 911: headlight update, rear seat usage & servicing

The rear seat is surprisingly useful for very short distances.

BHPian androdev recently shared this with other enthusiasts.

The headlight replacement has brought a new spring in its step! It's like a teenage girl who woke up one fine morning with a clear face and lost all her acne overnight.

Apex predator of the DRL food chain - at least to an untrained eye

I wish I could go on long solo late-night drives but unfortunately, the only night drives allowed are family trips to the ice cream shop.

The most "sanskari" 911 in town:

How is the rear seat a place to be in? It's as good as nonexistent - one of the reasons the car doesn't see much touring usage. However, it's a pretty useful thing for short distances.

Sometimes the right place is a person:

28K KM milestone and had its annual service:

The service involved only oil change but somehow there is a generous amount of padding with few labour jobs. This hadn't happened in the past before VST took over the Porsche dealership in Bangalore. I don't mind a little bit of padding as this is a low-volume business but I need to be more careful in the future.

Total damage Rs 65K:

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