Had an accident riding my KTM 200 Duke: Slowly fixing the motorcycle

I had planned to keep the bike running with little or no cosmetic improvement but after this incident, I decided to build it up similar to my KTM 390 Duke.

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Unfortunately, in the 3rd week of December, I had an accident, was riding Daisy slowly with a pillion on a narrow road, an auto struck my handle, I lost balance and fell. My knee hurt badly and I knew something was very wrong. I managed to ride home though. The pain did not subside the next day, that's when I went to a doctor. An X-ray and MRI later, I had a tibial fracture along with most ligaments badly damaged.

This meant I was out of riding bikes for a long time. I had to wear a knee brace and use crutches for 2 months, I still somehow managed to drive my car to work and back during this time after an initial 10 days of rest. Daisy lay dormant till then.

As far as Daisy goes, the damage seemed minimal. The right handguard was broken near the handle, which I thought was fixable. Handlebar was bent, the leg guard had folded in completely. The megasonic bent back and left a small dent on the chassis. The rear brake lever had folded on itself a full 90-deg.

Once I was back riding near the February end, I rode very slowly, slower than usual. This meant I started getting some unbelievable efficiency numbers on the dash.

I kept riding the bike in its as-is condition with a bent handlebar and a non-existent rear brake for a while. I just had so much work I couldn't take time off to get Daisy fixed up.

Orange Pi anyone?

The fixes started slowly. First was the new meter shell. It went on with a fresh rubber gasket

The old gasket was in bad shape. Anyone changing meter shells should also look into replacing the gasket.

Since the front mask was off, I swapped the indicators to Husky ones. Daisy got her legit HSRP plates while I was still commuting in my Cedia

To be honest, I was leaning heavily towards keeping the bike running with little or no cosmetic improvement on the cards. However, after this incident, I changed my mind to build up Daisy similar to my 390 as much as I could. My bank account will face a further dent but I just cannot live with myself knowing Daisy will get a stepmotherly treatment compared to the 390.

The handlebar bend was a simple fix, take it off, get it straightened. I didn't have the time so ended up swapping it to a new handle. Even with the new handle, it was bent towards the right. I then noticed the base was twisted to the right. Ended up buying a new handle base along with new rubbers for it. Even swapped out the scratched bar end weight with a new unit. Handle Grips swapped to new Apache RTR units.

Broken white handguards swapped with new orange units. I had another spill and the same fall - thankfully nothing happened to me. The mask carrier broke - black piece between the orange end pieces and headlight. The number plate got some scratches and the bracket got bent. Not too worried since I'll make up a relocation bracket under the headlight similar to my 390 soon. The front brake master cylinder was swapped to one from the latest-generation Dukes.

Daisy posing on sunset

I finally got some free time and used it up to clean up Daisy with 10 years of dirt and grime

The belly pan came off to clean all the old oil stains and to verify if any fresh oil would leak. The water pump area looked particularly bad

I eventually took off the tank cover to clean the underneath. I had taken it off before to wear in a relay for the Megasonic, but I did not have enough time to clean it properly then

All cleaned up! Also took this opportunity to drain the coolant and replace it with distilled water so I could flush out all the green coolant residue. My choice of coolant will be Glysantin G30 which is purple and I did not want it discolored with green residue. I've also got a new radiator cap which should make Daisy run a bit cooler as I suspect the one on it right now is weak due to age as I had experienced on the 390.

I unfortunately did not take after pictures as it was late in the night and I still had to ride 25KMs back home.

Once I started up Daisy, I was greeted with a Check Engine Light. Looking at the flash code, it was a 15 - bad rollover sensor. The bike still started, which is weird. I double-checked by disconnecting the rollover sensor and I still got the same code.

This got my mind racing. Grr, why now? Is it because I used a pressure washer? How do I fix it, do I have to buy a new sensor? Wait, I can swap the rollover sensor from my 390, but accessing it is a pain thanks to the ABS module. Ugh. 20 out of my 25KM ride, the CEL vanished! It never reappeared till date so I guess it was just water getting in and causing temporary havoc.

Sometime later, I swapped the rear suspension with my rebuilt 390 rear shock. 390 shock on the left, 200 on the right

Used some bricks to prop up the rear while swapping shocks. The new bolts I got from KTM were of the completely wrong size so had to use the old original bolts. They were seized badly and took a lot of effort to get them out the first time. I'll swap the bolts again to new units soon.

The Megasonic after the accident was broken, this was due to a crack in its body after its impact with the chassis. I got the body replaced with a salvage unit. It sounded as good as new, but the horn-tuning screw would now just go out of whack after every hour's ride. I got fed up riding around with a screwdriver, tightening or loosening the screw every time it stopped working. Eventually got a good deal on some Bosch Europa supertone horns, which are the Bosch equivalent of Megasonics. Instead of having one horn, Daisy will now have two! Two more pairs, each for the 390 and Cedia. Muhuhahaha!

This is how Daisy looks as of a couple of days ago! Just one of the two horns is on for now, I need to redo the wiring harness after the relay to support the two horns first. Yes, I was lazy to put back the belly pan and it's been a month already. Maybe soon.

So what's next? The oil change is coming up soon in another 400KMs - I've already covered around 4000KMs despite 2+ months of non-usage. I bought a new clutch arm a while back to replace the worn one on Daisy but realised I had to take off the clutch cover to change it. If I'm taking off the clutch cover, why not also change the timing chain and tensioner? The list just piles on.

I got a new coolant overflow bottle to replace the yellowed one on Daisy. I then saw a little bit of oil residue in the coolant tank. Maybe the water pump seals have gone bad? There is no water mixed with the oil for sure. This means I need a new water pump seal and a new water pump rebuilt kit - the latter was not in stock with KTM last time I checked. Might as well take off the radiator and also clean it completely.

The throttle body will need cleaning for sure seeing how bad it was on the 390 due to age again. That requires a lot more things to be removed, especially the airbox and the side panels.

The tank cover has cracked around the fuel cap. The plan is to buy a new one and paint it in a really nice shade of orange - details will be revealed once it's done

The headlight will get a serious upgrade soon, making late-evening commutes much safer.

The 300mm disc conversion is still pending, I want to use up the sintered brake pads on it right now before the swap.

Lot of fixes are needed for Daisy but I'm not in a hurry. I'll get to them slowly whenever I get the time. Unlike my 390 thread where I had done everything and posted all the info in one shot, this thread will be updated as and when fixes happen. Stay tuned!

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