Heel pain after long drives: Would using driving shoes help

This pain continues the next morning as soon as I step down from my bed and after a few minutes it goes away.

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I am aged 30+ with a heavy body frame. Lately, after 5+ hours-long drives, I am getting pain in my heels, especially my right side (I have a manual car).

This pain continues the next morning as soon as I step down from my bed and after a few minutes it goes away. This morning pain continues for a day or two after the last day of the road trip. Would using driving shoes help? I have noticed they have extra padded sections around the heels, is my observation correct?

Or should I go for loafers from a good brand like Neemans (Amazon/Google suggests mostly loafers when I type in driving shoes in the search bar)? Please advise if anyone else is also facing/faced a similar issue and how to resolve/you resolved it.

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This could be more due to stiffness in your calf muscles. Not sure what shoes can do.

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Check your Vitamin D levels. I just have a Vitamin D 60000 IU capsule and I'm good to go for 2-3 weeks without calf/foot pain. Not saying that you do, but it's a good place to start and plan long-term with a doctor/dietician.

Regarding shoes - go for a simple Adidas or Nike. They're miles ahead when it comes to sole technology. What you need is a lightweight rubberised EVA midsole for cushioning and a thin Rubber outsole for performance.

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I have faced that in the past but don't anymore. A few things help.

Go for lightweight shoes. Skechers Lite walking shoes/loafers are one good option. I use Nike running shoes or Crocs flip flops as well for my long drives up to 15 hrs at a stretch.

Use thick cotton socks for good padding. But ensure your legs are not too tight within the shoes.

Take breaks every 2 hours (or less) and walk 100 steps.

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The Neeman's wool loafers are good for long-distance driving, keep your feet dry if you use them without socks. You should avoid driving for 5 hours at a stretch, it's really bad for your health, 2 hours is long enough unless you can rest using cruise control and stretch your legs. Good sneakers should do the trick, I find running shoes don't offer much control.

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