Helmet gets stuck in my Mercedes GLE's wheel arch, rider zooms away

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I thought it was the stones on the road & drove with the helmet stuck in the wheel arch for 50 metres.

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Incident: A helmet gets stuck in the wheel arch

I had the weirdest incident when a helmet came rolling down on the road and found its way into the wheel arch of the GLE. I first thought it was the stones on the road, but later on, realised it was actually a helmet. The rider saw the helmet getting into the arch, failed to pull it out and zoomed off!

I drove with the helmet in the arch for 50m, since it was a busy stretch and I had to unblock the traffic. My wife and I got down and figured out a way to pull out the helmet (by turning the tyre the other way). I was freaked out since the alloys were full of black marks (presumably from the plastic coating on the helmet). No fault codes came on the console (there was hope that nothing went wrong).

Took the car the next day to Sundaram for inspection. The team removed the tyres and did a thorough visual inspection. They found no damage to any component in the car. They inspected the allows and did a wheel balancing. A solution was used to remove the plastic stuck on the alloys and cleaned the mess up. It was spotless! As usual, the Sundaram service was a huge support!

I was a wreck until the service team assured me that things were fine.

In all, speaks about the quality of components in the SUV by Mercedes.

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