Here's how Hexa owners can maintain car's AT gearbox & prevent failure

The solution seems to have come from a consensus among various Hexa owner's group

BHPian theZULU recently shared this with other enthusiasts.

Quite a few XTA/XMA owners are reporting 6L50 AT malfunctioning/failure around 1 Lakh km/5 years.

The most common cause identified for this seems to be coolant getting mixed with ATF due to corrosion within the internal separating walls of the AT oil cooler, due to which coolant enters the AT and damages the solenoids of the TC.

TaMo does not repair/overhaul the 6L50 AT. Their only solution is to replace the entire AT unit at a cost of approximately Rs 4.5 lakhs. The situation is getting further attenuated by the long waiting period for the aggregate due to the
non-availability of Tata Motors who have to resort to import from the original OEM.

It also seems that TaMo has failed to factor in the driving conditions peculiar to India i.e. operating in heavy traffic & high summer temperatures especially in North India due to which they have advised that ATF is filled for the lifetime of the vehicle; i.e. 5 years!

A consensus seems to be emerging among the Various Hexa groups on SM that the only solution to avoid the heavy hit to the pocket is prophylactic replacement of both the AT oil cooler and the complete ATF in the AT on completion of 60000 km/3 years or so.

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