Transmission error in my Nexon DCA: Tata replaces gearbox worth 3 lakh

I found that the car kept shifting into the Park mode automatically and despite my attempts, I couldn't engage the reverse gear.

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I recently encountered a concerning issue with my Tata Nexon Fearless DCA, and I'm seeking some insights and advice from fellow members who might have experienced something similar.

Last October, I purchased a Tata Nexon Fearless DCA, and up until last Sunday, I had been enjoying a smooth driving experience, despite encountering some software glitches in the infotainment system and speedometer.

However, last Wednesday, while on the road, I suddenly noticed a transmission error message flashing on the display. The car began to slow down and eventually came to a halt. I found that the car kept shifting into park mode automatically, and despite my attempts, I couldn't engage the reverse gear. Though I could intermittently switch to drive mode, the issue persisted.

Concerned about the situation, I promptly contacted Roadside Assistance, and the car was towed to Prerana Motors service center. Technicians at the service center have been unable to diagnose the root cause of the problem. Initially, they attempted to resolve it by updating the software, but to no avail. Subsequently, they checked the gear oil level and viscosity, finding everything within normal parameters. Currently, they've escalated the issue to Tata Motors headquarters and are awaiting a response.

I'm reaching out to the Team-BHP community to see if anyone has encountered a similar transmission issue with the Tata Nexon Fearless DCA or any other variant. Any insights, advice, or shared experiences would be greatly appreciated as I navigate through this situation.

Thank you in advance for your assistance.


I wanted to provide an update on my Tata Nexon Fearless DCA. After three weeks at the service centre, it's finally back.

They ended up replacing the DCT assembly, ABS control unit and ESP unit. Frankly, I'm puzzled about why they swapped out the ABS motor and ESP unit. According to my service advisor, they found errors in these components, which prompted the replacements, but the connection to the transmission issue isn't clear to me.

I wish they had provided more insight into why these particular parts were replaced. Regardless, I'm hoping for smoother driving now that the car is back, and I'll keep an eye on the performance of these new components.

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You're not alone, there were a few issues reported on the forum's official review thread. it looks like there are some issues with the October - November 2023 batch.

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And there is no official recall for this? They seem to wait for their customers to get stranded on the road and then replace it even though they know about the issue. This is what I hated about Tata during my ownership experience. They don't have a recall process and wait for something to happen and then do a replacement.

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Then it's obvious and it looks like there are some issues with the early batch DCA units. Touchwood so far other than the mentioned 2 glitches, the car is driving fine.

I always wanted to go for Indian made with tested build quality and now I started feeling bad for my decision. It's better to go for tried or tested AMT/CVT transmission without any second thoughts if you are looking for automatic. Just waiting to complete 1 year with this Nexon and will change for sure post that.

In my case, I did not face any issues and they asked me to take the car to the service center ASAP to replace the DCA unit. Also, it was in the service center for 2 days and they had replaced the entire DCA gearbox (which I came to know only after looking at the invoice).

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