Here's how my Stage1-tuned 2019 Octavia returned 17.3 km/l

The fuel efficiency peaked at 17.9 km/l but dropped after coming across bumper-to-bumper traffic.

BHPian anaghp recently shared this with other enthusiasts.

I've seen posts about FE of over 15 km/l for the 1.8TSI and I never really understood how people managed to squeeze out that much. That's when I tried to test it out by driving my 2019 Octavia like it shouldn't be. Mellow.

My first attempt to test the FE was on my November trip from Bangalore to Kochi. I drove below 110 km/h unless it was to overtake and cruised mostly between 90 km/h and 100 km/h. There was hardly any sudden acceleration that revved the engine past 2k - 2.5k RPM. I got a 15.1 km/l in the first 509 km, and the last stretch with bumper-to-bumper traffic brought it down to 14.7 km/l by the 537 km mark. That's still a pretty good number I'd say.

The second attempt was made again a few days ago, the same Bangalore to Kochi drive. This time, I was driving below 90 km/h most of the time, and I had my cruise control set at 87 km/h (87 because that's how fast I was going when I set it. It wasn't intentional and I didn't feel the need to round it off to 85 or 90). I also coasted as much as I could. I have no idea how people drive that slow in a German car. It was insanely boring, but I endured it.

Until I hit some traffic, I managed to reach a peak of 17.9 km/l. At the 500 km mark, the FE was at 17.5 km/l and just like the November drive, I hit bumper-to-bumper traffic. I contained all my urge to speed through the traffic with quick acceleration and stayed behind slow-moving vehicles. By the time I reached my destination after 532 km, the FE was 17.3 km/l, which is INSANE.

I sent the photo to my friend who owns a Honda City and he cursed me and asked me how much would a used Octavia cost. I sent him some OLX links.

Note 1: I never wanted to publicize this detail before, but I guess it's required for the readers in this context even though I'm unsure if it affects the FE. I'm running a Stage1+ ECU and TCU remap from Wolf (Loving it!).

Note 2: My friend was in his 1.5TSI Virtus and he managed to get 17.2 km/l by the end of the trip.

Check out BHPian comments for more insights and information.

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