Here's what a Hyundai Creta owner has to say about the VW Virtus

After test driving the car, I can say that the 1.5L TSI + DSG is simply the best powertrain currently available in India for Rs 20 lakh OTR, period.

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Volkswagen Virtus GT Plus 1.5L DSG Test-Drive Experience

Didn’t click any pictures from the test drive since I was alone and don’t prefer using my phone for clicking pictures while driving. These pictures are from the Topline Virtus 1.0L TSI MT which was standing inside as a display car.

Had visited BU Bhandari VW to test-drive either the Virtus or Taigun 1.5L DSG, since I wanted to experience the highly praised 1.5L TSI. The Taigun had gone for a home visit so the Virtus it was.

Simply off the hook; the test-drive Virtus looked absolutely smashing in the Wild Cherry Red with blackened-out bits! People turn back to re-look. Loved the Blue colour (exclusive on the Virtus) with the diamond-cut alloys on the Topline 1 L TSI as well!

A major topic of discussion; the AC was cooling like it should in the 1.5L TSI, we were just two in the car though, the SA and me.

It’s important to note, for someone coming from a Hyundai or Maruti, the newer Škoda/VW 2.0 cars feel like an upgrade. But if you’re already an owner of an older VW/Škoda then the chances of the newer models impressing you will be lesser!

So for me, my comparison was between my 17’ Creta and the Virtus. Here the Virtus’ doors feel much more heavier and close with the proper thud. Where the Hyundai feels built for within city limits (test-drove the Alcazar before the Virtus and the difference in terms of steering weight, accelerator pedal feel, brake pedal feel and even heftiness of the car was completely the opposite), the Virtus feels like a proper expressway cruiser.

Finding the perfect seating position was easy and slotted the car in D and set off. The creep was slightly lesser than I expected compared to my Creta’s sting creep from its 1.6L P AT.

The DSG was hesitant to move at slower speeds (a typical DSG trait), but once speed picked up it was very hard to fault. Gearshifts were lightning quick as the speeds picked up.

The engine response is absolutely phenomenal! Leaves several cars biting the dust, a joy to drive on divider-less roads where quick overtakes are required. No need to smash the throttle as well, 40-50% throttle input will do the job.

On rough roads, some of those creaks and rattles could be felt, but on smooth roads it was silent.

In no time, the car reaches 80kmph, the steering could definitely have done with slightly more weight, at 80kmph I felt that the steering lacks heft.

I will go on to say, this 1.5L TSI + DSG is simply the best powertrain available currently in India at the 20Lakh OTR mark, period.

I was thoroughly impressed with the Virtus overall. My cousin brother has picked up a Kushaq 1L AT as well and the Kushaq was no different as well. Yes, the interiors may feel inferior in terms of quality but as a package, I like the newer Ĺ koda/VW 2.0 cars.

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