Honda reveals new turbo petrol i-VTEC engines

Japanese auto giant, Honda has revealed a range of new turbo charged petrol i-VTEC engines. These engines, which are an addition to Honda’s Earth Dreams range, will aim at delivering a combination of sporty performance and efficiency.

A three-cylinder 1 litre, and two four-cylinder engines with 1.5 litre and a 2.0 litre capacities are expected to power a host of future Hondas. These engines which feature Honda’s commendable variable valve timing (i-VTEC) technology, will be turbo charged and use direct injection technology which will ensure higher power and torque figures compared to naturally aspired engines. At the same time fuel consumption and emissions are reduced. The 2 litre turbo petrol is said to produce 280 bhp and complies with EURO-6 emission norms.

While Honda has not announced which models will get these engines, we expect them to make their way into the entire range of Honda cars from the Brio to the Accord. 

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