How buying an MG ZS EV has changed my life after few weeks of driving

Never in my life I realized that my city had smaller hilly terrains, until I started EVing. Since power consumed is a major factor in EV, uphills and downhills are easily recognized.

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Became the owner of a new MG ZS EV (silver color) few weeks back. No plans to write a review, as we already have a zillion reviews here. In a word, I will say one of the best decisions I have made. However my dream was a Harrier EV, for which I was waiting for several months until I realized that it will take another couple of years to materialize.

However let me share some thoughts, behavioral changes after using an EV for few weeks:

  • Pro planner – The moment I started driving the new EV, I felt the need to refresh old mathematics lessons. You should have a good grip of several parameters like percentage of charge left, kwh to km ratio, km to Kwh ratio, economic drive mode, percentage of power used etc etc. Life was very simple when you just had to see km to empty in your dashboard. However, being a pro-planner helps you to realise what your EV can do for you, and to get total control over the vehicle.
  • One pedal driving – This is one feature I enjoy to the fullest. You quickly develop the skill to estimate distance to slow down and will have the capability to guess whether your vehicle will slow on time or not. Usage of break pedal has become an occasional affair. Ofcourse, you have to brake during a sudden slow down, neck to neck traffic or when you want a complete stop, but except those scenarios that single pedal will be your control unit.
  • Silence is beautiful – I started loving the absolute silent environment this car is providing. The occasional horns and skids from other vehicles wakes you from the silent world, but the new engine less world has made me a fan of silent drives and slowly away from the de facto FM stations.
  • Geographer - Never in my life I realized that my city had smaller hilly terrains, until I started EVing. Since power consumed is a major factor in EV, uphills and downhills are easily recognized. The anxiety in losing quick percentage when you climb uphill, and the happiness when you gain a percentage downhill can never be explained in words. Slowly your regular routes gets mapped in your mind as terrains, with special notes on downhill drives where you can gain a percentage or two.
  • Charging infrastructure – Not sure whether it was because all charging infrastructure in my city came overnight, or I never cared to realise that there are several charging stations around. Anyway, I now know almost all fast charging stations within 25km vicinity of my home, and even know how far each station is from my home. Whenever you plan for a long trip, almost all EV charging stations enroute gets etched in your mind.
  • Recognizing co-drivers – One behavior change I need to point out here is the way how you recognize other EV drivers. You can clearly see the EV car owners (except EV taxi walas) on your way recognising a fellow EV driver, and even with a small smile on their face. EV log bhai bhai?
  • Abhorrence towards fuel pump – Come on, you still live in the fossil fuel age? Though I wont spit it out, this thought often comes to my mind when I see a crowded petrol pump on the way. I know the pros of driving an ICE now, but when you can atleast get a positive feeling of saving the environment in a way or two, why not enjoy that moment of happiness?
  • Charge anxiety – There are thousands of articles and millions of videos explaining why you don’t have to have charge anxiety in your mind. You get self educated on how to overcome that and gets a feeling and even show that you don’t care about charge anxiety. Whatever you do, the moment you start a long drive, the anxiety comes to you and will be there with you till your car comes back home after the trip, though you never show the same in front of your co-passengers.
  • Electrical engineer – I never realized that I have to start learning basics of electrical engineering, until I tried to get the fast charger installed at home. The site survey team came and gave instructions on what all modifications to be done at home, before they can install the charger. Being an independent home, you need to have the connected load verified by EB, increase the AWG number, reduce the earth value, increase the fuse size etc etc before they can install the fast charger. To get these done by coordinating with state EB and your local electrician means, you should first have a master degree in electrical engineering
  • EV consultant – I love this point. Having an EV is not uncommon now a days, but still you have someone or other approaching you and asking you details about owning EV and related questions means, you are an EV consultant. I love to educate them and even became consultants for several colleagues who were in the “is it right time for an EV” bandwagon. Being an expert has its own merits.
  • Cleanliness – My previous cars never needed this much cleaning I guess, but this car attracts all dust all the way, especially the back side. You will be tempted to give it a quick wash every other day.
  • MapMy*** - Still wondering why Morris Garages decided to tie up with MapmyIndia , this is the worst one I have seen in my life. When I check for charging stations, the nearby one is around 750kms away. MG – please help with proper updates of maps, or get a better provider.
  • Wireless – I sadly miss the wireless Apple CarPlay in this machine. You get irritated by the fact that you need to plug in your phone to get Google maps and Youtube music/Spotify in your screen. Maybe, its because you are used to the wireless feature, but this is a big miss in this car.

Anyway, I love this car a lot now. Still I am getting the head turns and nods, even when you are in midst of the Nexon EV crowd. I love it a lot!!!

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