How I bought my first BMW; a pre-owned 5-Series 525d (F10)

I am still having a tough time believing that I now own a Bimmer. Hasn't sunk in yet.

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From ogling at this thread and saying to myself "one day" to the day that I actually got one home feels surreal.

There's a thin line between being gutsy and foolish and I'm afraid I'm gravitating towards the other side real quick. But you only live once. After gaining confidence with a decade old German (my Mk5 Jetta TDI DSG), having clocked a fair bit of mileage and doing a ton of things with it, the urge for a more powerful "old" car came in. Brushed it off quite a few times. In the mean time, I started off contemplating with a bigger turbo swap and Stage-3 for the car. But given the restrictions of the 1.9 PD TDI (BXE), I wasn't all that convinced with the idea of slapping in a bigger PD150 turbo on this. Out went the idea of a bigger turbo. In came the plans of shoehorning a 2.0 TDI from the Jetta Mk6 and doing a Stage-3 on it. More efficient and modern engine end of the day, said to myself. But the end costs to do it the way I wanted things to fall in place were anything but economical. It could've been a proper do-it-all lone car of the garage.

While I was thinking of going ahead with the engine swap and a few more retrofits for the Jetta and doing up my weekend project alongside, then came a wild idea of buying another car altogether. For someone coming from a Jetta Mk5, options were limited. More so with the budget that I had in hand considering no loan shenanigans for me (having three old cars in itself is a liability; loan was the last thing I wanted on top of my head).

A casual stroll in the market made me realize that I wasn't ready for it and gave up on the idea altogether. It all started off again when I saw a friend's (also a fellow BHPian) BMW 525d (F10). I've known this car for more than four years now. Was a really good example, I said to myself. Was well within my budget too. But later I wasn't too into it given the fact that it's a pre LCI and a 525d at that. This however was an inline-6 but the gearbox had its limitations. Chucked it off with a heavy heart.

Then my heart was set off on a Volkswagen Touareg facelift. Long story short, sealed the deal on it. But then came a major lapse in the paperwork. So the deal was called off on D-day. Back to square one, gave up on the idea of another car for better.

In the meantime, the Jetta asked for some running expense. Was a fairly huge bill. Got that sorted and was happily driving around in the Jetta and started off with my plans of the engine swap yet again. All was well until last weekend. A BHPian on the local TBHP group listed out his MY11 Audi A6 C7 V6 TDI for sale. Was right next door. Went on a casual test drive to see how it was. Car was fairly clean but needed some work to make it the way I want it to be. Let it slip by. Then went onto see a MY13 BMW 530d M-Sport in white (coupled with cinnamon brown interiors; my dream spec). Done 60k kms. Well kept example. But the asking was a bit on the higher side. Negotiation attempts went in vain and the car was sold at the listed price.

I, by this time, wanted to get rid of the itch for better. Called up the BHPian who owned the 525d. He was in two minds about the sale in between. Had asked him if he'd part ways with it now. After a bit of back and forth, he caved in and I jumped in. Everything fell in place and brought the car home. People might say the mileage is a bit high (at ~ 94k kms as on date) but I never really bothered about the mileage as long as it was well kept (and being brutally honest, beggars cannot be choosers). Most mechanical bits have been addressed and hopefully no immediate expense in the next month or two. So yeah, a man in his 20s going through quarter life crisis makes yet another brash decision. But YOLO.

Treat yourself with the images of the ride:

Still exploring everything that's there in the car. I am still having a tough time believing that I now own a Bimmer. Hasn't sunk in yet.

The drive back home was uneventful. Navigating my way back home in the 5 in peak city traffic was nerve racking to say the least. Dad and mom really enjoyed their drive back home as passengers of the car. Parking the car back at my place was nothing short of a hiatus. The 5 just about managed to fit in my parking. More than the space, the gate fouling with the car when parked was a problem. With the car parked as optimally as possible, the gate just about managed to swing through. Me and dad heaved a sigh of relief post that. Have a highway drive planned tomorrow. Looking forward to it.

Here are some more pics for your viewing pleasure:

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