How I improved the handling & stance of my VW Virtus GT

After the modification, the car feels more planted & corners without breaking a sweat.

BHPian vividhavasthi recently shared this with other enthusiasts.

Virtus GT Update

  • Delivery Date: 27th September 2022
  • ODO: 6100KM

I will let the pictures do the talking for this major update to the car.

Before & After



Ever since I got the car, it felt a bit uptight and not well-balanced in terms of rear and front ride height. The rear felt too high with the front not matching the same height. I learned about COBRA springs that were being specially designed for the Virtus via an Instagram post and after having a chat with their representative in India (Owner of the Thain Thain Ignis, Achintya) I was convinced that this would be a good upgrade. The test car looked fabulous.

There were two options, a 25/35 drop, and a more aggressive 35/45 drop. I opted for the milder 25/35 drop and I think the car looks great with this setup.

How's the ride?

In one word - Better. Yes, the setup is stiffer, but I am not one to complain about this. The car drives a lot better and feels far more planted on the road than before. It corners without breaking a sweat and well - it looks so so so much better now. I have had zero issues with ground clearance on my regular drive from Delhi to Noida (52km per day), this is a mix of good Delhi roads + some bad patches in Noida. This upgrade brings my car one step closer to the setup I have in mind for the GT.

Next? Exhaust modification, after that Wheels and Tyres, thinking of 225/45/R17 wrapped in PS4. Color? I’m thinking Matte Bronze (TSW or MoMo)

You can find more details about other Virtus GTs on the Cobra Suspension India Instagram page.

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