How road users in India are misusing technologies like ADAS

Being a victim of a couple of risky accidents, I feel that such people should be criminally charged.

BHPian Aksfdb recently shared this with other enthusiasts.

Dear fellow BHPians,

I just came across a video showing a person misusing the ADAS feature in an XUV700. It pains me alot when I see such reckless behaviour by people on the road.

Being a victim of a couple of risky accidents, I feel that such people should be criminally charged.

Please share your thoughts on this and also share your experiences if you have noticed something on similar lines.

Here's what BHPian HillMan had to say on the matter:

Sheer stupidity on part of the people who even think ADAS is anyway near FSD. While FSD even on advanced vehicles like Tesla are debated.

There have been a number of accidents and fatalities that have been caused by people using ADAS in a reckless manner. For example, in 2018, a man was killed in Arizona when his Tesla crashed into a barrier while he was watching a movie on his phone. In 2020, a woman in Florida was seriously injured when her Tesla crashed into a tree while she was asleep.

There are a number of reasons why using ADAS in a reckless manner is so dangerous. First, ADAS systems are not perfect. They can make mistakes, especially in challenging conditions such as bad weather or heavy traffic. Second, ADAS systems are not designed to handle unexpected events, such as a child running into the road or another vehicle making a sudden lane change. Third, if a driver is not paying attention to the road, they will not be able to react quickly enough if something goes wrong.

The act of creating these videos and sharing them on social media platforms encourages others to follow suit. The allure of likes, shares, and online fame can lead individuals to imitate such reckless behaviour without fully understanding the risks involved. This creates a ripple effect of dangerous actions that can have far-reaching consequences.

These people should be discouraged and should get more dislikes than likes and share. I would rather unsubscribe even if I has subscribed due to a past good video post.

Here's what BHPian Rajeevraj had to say on the matter:

Several of such videos exist on YouTube and more so in Instagram. With more and more vehicles coming with ADAS, expect to see this stupidity increase. I recently saw a couple of videos with the new Seltos also.

Here's what BHPian pkulkarni.2106 had to say on the matter:

Shouldn't these features work only when there's someone at the wheel? If I'm not mistaken, most of the modern cars have kind of weight sensors (at least) in the driver's seat - which could be used for this purpose.

BHPian Sufficient_shop replied:

Yes, they do. But the alert comes after 10 seconds or so. And even after the first alert comes, there's another ~5 second gap when the alert intensifies before ADAS gives up. That's why the video is pretty short. He must have jumped back to the rear seat and jumped back in.

Here's what BHPian Lord Lannister had to say on the matter:

ADAS is a feather that is likely to save many lives in the long term, and I am so glad that it's being trickled down from luxury segment.

However, there will always be some folks who would do reckless behaviour for the attention of their ever decreasing followers. How many videos were there previously of people driving with their feet or back seat driving. At the very least with ADAS, I'm certain that the car must have disengaged and stopped itself after a few secs hence the short length of the video itself.

I honestly agree with @pkulkarni.2106 that manufactures should connect it with seat sensors to disengage when drivers seat is empty. Sadly people will still try to circumnavigate even that for the circus to keep going.

ADAS should be remembered for reducing severity of accidents if not of their prevention altogether.

Here's what BHPian nova.19_exe had to say on the matter:

This is just outrageous! ADAS is built to help people reduce the number of accidents on the roads!

To be honest, with more and more vehicles with ADAS getting launched, you can expect lot more of these types of videos!!

Action should be taken against these guys!! It's also a good reminder of who we drive on the roads with! People like these cannot, I repeat, cannot be allowed to drive on the roads!

Here's what BHPian Ton Ami had to say on the matter:

Totally unacceptable act. If companies can offer ADAS then they must also install driver fatigue (or absent) warning system. If the driver is not on driving seat or has closed/ non focused eyes then the ADAS should simply park the vehicle on side of the road. With hazard lights blinking and alarms annoying continuously, it will be a fun to watch reaction of the driver.

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