How Skoda fixed my Kushaq problems at home

This kind of pampering certainly helps the customers feel like their cars are in better hands.

BHPian rideon74 recently shared this with other enthusiasts.

Squeaky door beadings, a rattle from the dashboard console, botched up fitment of rear window guides + a rattle from the front passenger door panel (both new, both after the door beading replacement done on Jan 1st), two inter-state work trips till the 16th and no chance of leaving the car at the SVC till then. Sigh...

By yesterday morning, these niggles started getting to me. Bypassing the SVC representative, whom I was in contact with, I made a call directly to the service manager at SGA Skoda, Coimbatore.

My primary questions: why were the door beadings still squeaky after a full replacement and would it be better to wait for an improved batch of beadings instead of a second replacement job presently? I'd also mentioned the other niggles that were induced thanks to their shoddy workmanship from my last visit to them.

Was expecting the usual 'bring the car over, sir and we will surely rectify everything' but to my surprise, this happened…

The chubby gentleman turned out to be a Fiat Punto fan & we got along together very well indeed.

Didn't expect them to reset the window guides right then & there. It was kind of painful to watch.

They found out that the door beading replacement wasn't done with the latest version (GEN03S) - whoever worked on it earlier, merely put in a new set from the first version again (GEN01S). So the car will have to go back to the SVC later to get the latest version. Well, at least now I know that things will get sorted out finally.

The mechanic was very polite. I found it funny but it was kind of him to forewarn me that he'll have to hand thump the beadings back into place. 'Don't mind, okay saar?'

The windows rolled up & down smoothly now. The dashboard & the door panel rattle will have to be checked out at the SVC later, they said. So the clean up was done and quite thoroughly too, I must say.

The mechanic then decided to take a quick look at what was causing the door panel rattle but he couldn't figure it out. So that was added to the list for the SVC visit after the 16th.

Final inspection by the gentlemen and overall, they did a good job. A few more minutes of talk about the Punto and the chaps left - leaving a happy customer to grab a cup of his evening tea.

I'm not sure if this 'doorstep service' is a Skoda SOP or if it had something to do with the fact that SGA Cars had won the 'Icon of the Year' award among the local businesses last year. Whatever it is, this kind of pampering certainly helps the customer feel like their cars are in better hands.

Here's what BHPian AKSarkar1 had to say about the matter:

Always refreshing to see a positive VAG aftersales review especially with all the horror stories on this forum.

Speaking from personal experience, I have always found VAG (VW specifically) aftersales to be very impressive if you strike a chord with them. The gentleman in your story is a perfect example of the same.

Here's what BHPian VijayAnand1 had to say about the matter:

Oh well! All that begins "mediocre" ends well, I guess.

This is what had surprised me positively. Sending a service rep to one's home is one. The way the personnel carry out the required procedures without making the owner gnash his teeth all the way, is another. Kudos to the team, SGA a job well done.

Though I'd silently weep a minute or two in the shower knowing a new car being thumped and thudded all the way. But if that's the way it is, then suo moto.

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