inDriver app based cab service: BHPians share their experiences

For intracity travel, fares are relatively cheaper than the veterans, Ola and Uber but not significantly, and the probability the driver accepts your first bid is lean.

BHPian RahulNagraj recently shared this with other enthusiasts.

Came across this new inDriver cab service and read quite a bit about it. Was wondering if any BHPians have used their services. And if yes, how were the experiences?

Here's what BHPian MotoBlip had to say on the matter:

Have used their services a couple of times for intercity and intracity travel, my experience has been moderate so far, also they now call themselves inDrive. For intracity travel, fares are relatively cheaper than the veterans, Ola and Uber but not significantly, and the probability the driver accepts your first bid is lean, you do have to go a bit back and forth but it's fine once the fare is accepted. Drivers are generally polite and well mannered.

Now here comes the kicker, intercity travel. App calculated fare at times does not include the correct toll amount (as conveyed to me by their drivers). For folks in Delhi NCR, this can quickly become a menace assuming a person travel from Gurgaon to Noida via Delhi or any such combination. The T&Cs put the burden of payment of this entry tax on the passenger, and although their is a Ride+Toll option in the app itself, the driver almost never accepts this and you ultimately have to pay from your pocket(another ₹100/120 depending on border entry). The relative saving(if any) too are minimal compared to Ola-Uber in such cases and I'd rather use the latter, just for peace of mind.

Sometimes so much time is wasted to book a cab/auto, because you are constantly jumping between 3 or more apps, that I just give up and take the metro instead. Additionally, and to exacerbate my experience further, I have never once been able to successfully book an Auto from inDrive. So yeah, it is what it is, and right now I find it hard to recommend it to people.

Here's what BHPian Thebibendum had to say on the matter:

I have used it few times in Delhi-NCR especially when Ola/Uber doesn't allocate rides (after 15-20 min. of trying).


  • Definitely cheaper than Ola/Uber (sometimes 40%). On toll, have a conversation with the driver before he starts for your pickup for clarity.
  • Drivers are generally available atleast in the area I have tried booking.


  • App tracking is not great, and sometimes drivers would accept your ride while they are already in active duty on Ola/Uber so this can get frustrating as they would be delayed in reaching the pickup.
  • Not sure how safe it is.

Good to have another option in the market.

Here's what BHPian rikhav had to say on the matter:

My experience has been not so good with inDrive.

Three to four times drivers have cancelled my ride after accepting my offer.

Secondly the app recommended fare is always higher then what Uber Ola shows & drivers always demand more then that.

In the end I felt I was wasting more of my time and in the end, most of the time rides were getting cancelled.

Also when it comes to booking a cab for my parents I feel more safe with Uber.

Here's what BHPian skillaft had to say on the matter:

Have been using inDriver almost two times a week for the past year in Bhopal and my experience in general has been good. The prices are generally negotiated at 10-15% lower than Ola/Uber and a good number of drivers also use it. Furthermore, the drivers do not cancel at the last moment and the ride is completed without any issues.

Now, coming to the safety, I think inDriver is at par with Ola/Uber. Never felt unsafe even late at night but maybe depends on the city.

In conclusion, the experience was exactly how a cab ride experience should be. Not complaints with inDriver at all.

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