Initial impressions of the BYD Seal after 10 days of ownership

This car is definitely a looker! However, coming from a Honda City, it took me some time to get used to its length, especially in narrow parking spots.

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Hey everyone,

Got my Seal last Sunday. It's been 10 days of ownership and I can't contain my excitement to share with you all. It's a new model and definitely turning heads on the road with its sharp design.

Here's a quick breakdown of my initial impressions:

Head-Turning Looks & Safety First

This car is definitely a looker! However, coming from a Honda City, it took me some time to get used to its length, especially in narrow parking spots. The car is much longer and wider.

Safety is a priority for me, and this car comes loaded with 9 airbags and a bunch of safety tech. Feels good knowing I'm well protected.

Joyful Experience: Every time I step inside the car, it brings a big smile to my face. It's been only 10 days, including a weekend, and I'm already loving it.

A Quiet, Powerful Ride

This EV is silent but super quick! There's ample power whenever I need it, and the acceleration is smooth.

The ride is surprisingly comfortable despite the low ground clearance on paper.

I've driven 800 km across NCR, and it has managed bumps and tough roads well, though I am always careful and slow on bad patches.

Cruising at 150 kmph feels like 60 in a regular car because of how quiet it is. No engine noise or vibrations!

Love seeing even ICE beasts in my rearview mirror.

Tech & Usability

The car is loaded with all the latest tech features, including a fantastic 12-speaker Dynaudio sound system (though not quite as good as the B&O in the Audi A4 I considered).

The cabin is very quiet, and the external noise cancellation is excellent.

The infotainment system is great, with everything at your fingertips. I did turn off the ADAS features though, as they can be a little intrusive on our roads.

A Few Downsides

Getting in and out (ingress/egress) can be a bit challenging for older folks due to the lower ride height.

The rear window is a bit narrow, which can affect visibility for some people. However, the car has excellent 360-degree cameras that you can activate on the steering wheel and display on the big screen to help with maneuvering.

Updates and Improvements:

After the latest update, there have been positive changes in the features.

Wireless Apple CarPlay: Apple CarPlay is now wireless.

Drive Settings: Once set, drive settings don't need to be revised every time you start the car. Previously, you had to turn off ADAS or other features you didn't need, each time. (no more needing to turn off ADAS every time!).

Fast Charging: The car charges quickly. I tested the speed and went from 82% to 100% in 9 minutes using an Indus Charger.

Overall, I'm Loving It!

I'm absolutely thrilled with this Car. Despite some skepticism from friends and family about spending 50L on a new brand in India like BYD and not an ICE, I love every bit of it.

The driving experience is fantastic, it gets a ton of attention, and the looks are just killer!

Attaching some pics from Day 1.

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