Installed cost-effective TPMS on my car for just Rs 2,600

While it isn't very accurate, it does send me an alarm if the air pressure goes below a certain set reading.

BHPian sam_machine recently shared this with other enthusiasts.

After a recent puncture on Mysore Highway & left stranded in the night. It taught me a lesson and was searching for a cost-effective TPMS. Then after searching for a long finally installed Jk TPMS sensors on my set of 4 tyres. Got it from my friend at Rs 650 per sensor and the fitting was extra. I have mixed reactions to the sensors so far.

  • Although it works with the help of an application, but the readings are not very accurate. I have tested from multiple air pressure filling stations but the readings are +- 2 bar.
  • It is very useful in case you lose air pressure below certain set readings. It will give you alarms on your phone immediately. Which is a good thing at least you have time to fix the puncture before it loses full air pressure.
  • Fixing the sensors are very easy, and any professional tyre shop guy can fix it.

Overall I think it's a good investment of Rs 2600.

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